5 Things You Would Like To Change About Your Life

Life change is something that most people want. And realistically, there are five core life changes that people seek out the most. These then are the 5 things you would like to change about your life, and importantly, easy things you can do start those changes now.

So read on, and stop thinking of things you would like to change about your life, and actually follow through with the simple changes suggested! It will make the world of difference to you.

Life Change 1: Be Happier

Everyone wants to be happier.

This is probably the most common life change that people I meet want. The funny thing is, this is about the simplest life change you can actually make.

You can have this instantly. Why?

Because it is a purely psychological state.

Yes, your environment does impact on your happiness. Only as much as you let it though. By choosing to rise above your environment, and focus on how you wish to be, rather than what is going on around you. You can be happier right now.

If you have serious family, work, money or relationship issues you can still be happier.

Ploughing through and sorting the problems out is worthwhile. It can take time though. So while the deeper changes to your life are being enacted.

Give yourself some space.

Clear space with a psychological reset, and allow your mind to focus purely on things that bring you happiness. Mentally. You never need to spend money to do this. Or go away to a hotel or on holiday.

Sit and meditate. Visualize your ideal life happening around you. Flow through it and enjoy.

You can also bring to mind positives for everything in your life. A quick change of perspective can bring happiness, and thus really change your life in the moment.

Life Change 2: Have More Love

To have more love you need to be more lovable. Which is easy!

Loving yourself, appreciating yourself. Understanding that you truly are valuable to the world and people around you will help you to attract more love to yourself.

As will giving more love.

Saying “I love you” is obviously great, in some situations it can be too much for people. Like when you are buying coffee!

Showing gratitude and appreciation though is a great way of showing love. And people do appreciate it. It changes things in their life too. Softening their day and inspiring them to appreciate you in return. Love grows through gratitude and appreciation.

Making this one of the simplest, easiest things to change about your life.

Life Change 3: Have More Free Time

How do you get more free time? You have to create it.

Which means changing things about your life. This is something where sitting down with pen and paper is really useful. Map out where all of your time is going. Find the areas where realistically you are wasting time, and that you would be happy to make changes to your life.

For some this can mean changing jobs. Or moving closer to work.

It may also be that you need to do something bigger. Like creating a business that you can develop in such a way that it enables you to have a lot of free time, and work fewer hours. And if you think such life changes are hard, think again. There is a huge number of parents who have done just this so that they can have more time with their families!

Change your thinking and your perception of what is possible, and you will change your life.

Life Change 4: Enjoy Greater Freedom

Freedom is about being able to do what you want, when you want.

So living by your own rules, and having the finances to do so. This runs very closely with point 3 and having more time.

To have more freedom in your life, you have to balance the scales with what you do, so that you have the time and finance to have that freedom. For some this means selling everything then living out of a back pack as a digital nomad, and travelling the world. For others, creating a business that means they can go wherever, whenever with who ever.

If you struggle to believe you can do this, then the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill is a good place to start with your personal development. It has helped a huge number of people to create life changes which have brought them true freedom.

Once again, changing your mindset helps you change your life in an amazing way.

Life Change 5: Greater Harmony

Creating harmony can be done in so many ways.

All of which begin with you. More specifically, the way you think and behave. Yes, people around you do have free will, and will do their own thing. You do have a degree of influence over them though. And even if they choose friction over harmony, there are still things you can do.

Harmony is about your perception of a situation. So you can change it. You can choose to rise above, or even remove yourself from a place that you feel lacks harmony.

Changing your life to experience greater harmony requires changing your mindset in order to get that harmony. Focus on the good things, and on where you are going with your life. Hold a mental focus of enjoying and developing greater harmony in your life. And you will find the river of life flows to that harmony with you.

Your Mindset Is Crucial To Life Change

Put faith in yourself. Get your mindset in a positive place, and keep it there. Every time you feel it stray, bring it back. Then these 5 things you would like to change about your life, can happen for you with ease, and bring you a wonderful surging life.


  • Stephen Frost

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