He or she pinches the muscles of the shoulders, neck, growls, sighs. That’s it, the famous request approaches, you feel it, it happens … “Can you give me a massage? “. And there you go. Each time it is the same, you would like to give an unforgettable massage to this person whom you cherish so much and to rid it of its tensions of the only power of your hands, but each time you fig, tents a few maneuvers and stops you, with the impression of not doing the right thing. This time is over! Follow these five tips to the letter and your next massage services will be praised!

1 – The atmosphere

For a outcall massage that he or she will remember all his life (nothing less!), do not neglect the preparation. Subdued lighting, lightly scented candles, soft music, curtains, and closed doors … It sets a context of intimacy and relaxation conducive to creating a sense of security in the person being massaged, which will feel comfortable to lie down comfortably and to relax. Lighting too brutal or aggressive noises would be enough to keep the person tense, exceptional massage or not! In this regard, cell phones and other devices that may interrupt the session are obviously prohibited from the room.

2 – The massage oil

The best thing for a successful massage? A lot of oil. Friction caused by a deep massage can quickly irritate sensitive skin and create additional tension. On the side of the massager, the movements will be much easier and fluid with massage oil, allowing to “rolling” the skin by letting the fingers slide on the muscles. To avoid strange chemicals, odors, or textures mingling with this moment of unique communion, choose massage oils made from healthy, natural ingredients.

3 – Silent communication

As well as it is, massage Singapore can also trigger tensions, physical as well as emotional. It is not uncommon for a person being massaged to let a few tears flow from the overload of stress or fatigue accumulated during the day, the week or the past month. In these blessed moments, especially, do not break the silence. It is important to respect what is going on and not rush. Continue the massage gently and handkerchiefs as needed. The discussion will have many other opportunities to present itself. And the same principle applies to the massage techniques used. Be alert to signals that tell you what the person prefers, which areas require more pressure, are steeper or more sensitive. If you hesitate, in a low voice, ask questions that will help the person massed to direct you.

4 – The head, the arms these other forgotten

With a lifestyle that forces us too often to sit in front of a screen, the back is not the only part of the body that needs a good massage. A lot of tension is lodged at the base of the head and neck, but also in the shoulders, arms and buttocks. A complete message should cover the entire body, not to mention the hands and feet. Proceed slowly and linger in the same place when necessary.

5 – The final touch

Do you want to be sure that your massage is unforgettable? Finish by wrapping one by one the body parts massaged with a hot towel fresh out of the dryer. Place a glass of warm water and let the person rest. Do not impose noisy or stressful activity after the massage, or to have you massaged too. Anyway, if you have followed these five tips, do not be worried, you will not delay receiving your turn…