1. Abandon preconceived ideas about yourself and your life as well as comparisons to others. Focus on your child-heart–the one that isn’t caught up in judgment. Love her and listen to her. Take her by the hand and see where she guides you.
  2. Be willing to explore, but not willful in pursuit of a goal. Take things a moment at a time and be willing to change course without guilt or fear. You are safe in your adventure.
  3. Be on your own side. Vehemently advocate for your greatness. Don’t argue against it.
  4. Dwell in possibilities. See everything as an opportunity and be eagerly ready for surprises.
  5. Cherish your uniqueness and use it without apology. You are exactly who the world needs just as you are. Be you and be excited about that!

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Originally published at poeticandpowerfulliving.wordpress.com on November 17, 2016.

Originally published at medium.com