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Anyone working in 9 to 5 daily routine they want a handsome salary. If you are planning to change your job just for sake of an increase in salary, simply does not make sense. Yes, if you do wish to work anymore with the current organization you can change your job.

There are plenty of ways you can ask for the salary you deserve if you like the company you are working in. With proper planning and research, you can make a good negotiation regarding your salary, or maybe you can ask for a few more days’ vacations.

Nevertheless, if you were not able to negotiate your salary at the time of your starting job. It is never too late to ask for the salary you deserve. In general female employees are a bit uncomfortable compare to male employees.

So, to help those people need to know how to properly negotiate their salary, I have listed 5 ways you can ask for what you want.

Table of Content

  • Talk to Other People in Your Industry
  • Think Beyond Salary
  • Research Your Salary Online
  • Plan Ahead of All
  • Be Confident

#1. Talk to Other People in Your Industry

Starting with talking to other people in your industry, you should choose 2 or more people in the different companies working in the same position you are working at. It is better to consider 2 different people (Men and Women) so that you can know the different approaches they use for salary negotiations.

It is not good to ask someone directly how much you are making by working in your company. You should use approaches like people should not be the heart. Later on, you can ask them how they have negotiated their salary.

Work/life balance is the most important in your life. So, do not forget to find out how much vacation they are getting and what are the working hours they have followed. In some cases, the other people in your industry may make more money but you should check out the working hour, it is possible they are working more time than you to make more money.

#2. Think Beyond Salary

Money is not everything you should think beyond the money. Your first goal is to get a raise in the salary, that’s great. But if your boss does not agree with you for pay-check you can go beyond salary and ask for vacation days, flexible work schedule, stock and remote work, etc.

One of the best things you can ask for a new title. For sure, this should not be your last job so you can think about the title that can help in your next job search with better payouts.

#3. Research Your Salary Online

In the time of the internet and technology, you cannot live without them in your daily life. Make use of the digital information and research your salary online on the reviews website or website like “Glassdoor”

By doing research you will be able to know how much salary you deserve in the industry. You can check the salary submitted by people in the company and even in a particular department. You can search for a salary by the department online.

#4. Plan Ahead of All

It is good to start planning early for your raise and annual reviews. You should list all the possible documents and result to make a good impact at the time of annual reviews. It is better to start at least 6 months earlier so you have much time to do the research and collect the data possibly.

By making a good plan you will not face time shortage for preparations for the raise review. You can make use of email (got praise from supervisors or managers). Collect these documents and big project & achievement details from the past year on in the current year.

It will be a good idea to document everything and make PowerPoint presentations so that you can show this to your seniors.

#5. Be Confident

At this point in time, you have completed all your research and created a case to present why you deserve more money. Now, you have to walk with confidence and tell your desire what you want.

It is possible you may get the desired raise or not but your boss will not forget you because you have the courage to ask for what you deserve.

All the Best!