I am an artist.   Being an artist is filled with days of isolation, even though I am not alone in my thoughts and ideas, it can feel like a lonely world.  Just a few years ago I moved to a totally different place, an island, away from my family and the world I knew for over 35 years.  I was, in the most basic sense, isolated from my familiar place and people I felt that I belonged with. 

Once physically settled, I embarked on finding my tribes (yes, I have more than one). Even though most of you won’t move, you still may feel isolated and yearning for a community that fits ‘you’.

Whatever your story, here are a few tips for finding your tribe.

1.        A desire to find them.  Clarity on the type of people you wish to surround yourself with is the beginning of the road.  Be specific.  With this said, you may have more than one tribe.  If you are a single mom and a marathon runner, you may seek a tribe for single-moms and a separate one for marathon runners, or perhaps one specifically for single moms that are marathon runners.   I am also a Master Gardener, so my gardening tribe is entirely different than my artist tribe.

2.       Time + energy = results. (I know I have heard that somewhere before. ?) It will take some effort on your part in finding them.  Once you have the clarity, get in the right mindset, and visualize your ideal tribe. Research where your people hang out, what they do and when.

3.       Overcome any shyness.  Yes, I know, but anything worth pursuing requires getting a little uncomfortable at first.  That means meeting new people in new places.  I promise it will get easier.  Take a few minutes before any initial meeting and close your eyes, slowly breathe in deeply and especially exhale completely !  Cleansing breathing is a stress-reducer and known to relax the body.

4.       Be open to meeting new people outside of your normal circle.  That means seeing what is happening in your community.  Go to events, or meetings, such as a Meetup®.  Or start your own group or Meetup® of your interest and seek your tribe.  Look for opportunities to meet and speak with people involved in what you are interested in.  As you engage in conversation, notice if there is a connection of some sort.  I will often feel drawn to someone, which is a hint. I also, will be aware if someone is not giving me positive energy.  It takes a bit of practice but listen to your body and intuition.

Photo by Banter Snaps
Instagram @bantersnaps

5.       Clear intent. If you have the clear intent, and do the work (see #2), you should not be surprised that the universe provides just what you desire.  So lastly, let go and look for those doors to open, they will. Walk through and embrace the unknown and possibly your new tribe members.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash