tips for designing your website from lisa laporte

Ask most people and they would agree that a website can feature some of the finest products and services around, but if the design and layout of the site is confusing, uninteresting, or poorly executed, the website is “a fail.”

Being able to navigate a website is most important as well as a site that captures the eye and holds interest. Therefore, properly designing one’s website is a key step in drawing and keeping customers when it comes to today’s advanced technology for businesses.

Don’t skip the homework

A company website is the first impression for potential clients and the business’s message that’s conveyed on that website is extremely important. Knowing the target audience is essential, so the website owner must do the research and develop a site that speaks to current clients and potential clients.

Keep it to the point

A very busy-looking website becomes an eyesore very quickly. Pop-up messages are a clear turn-off and flooding a page with superfluous information scares the visitor away. Simple and organized is always best, according to the professionals. Web content with a clear branding message and pages that are carefully strategized will deliver an interactive and collaborative web presence. Think about the most important message you want to convey to your website visitors and then keep that message concise on your site.

Font factor matters

It might seem minuscule, but web design experts say that the wrong font type on a website can also distract a client and send them packing. With every typeface comes a different meaning. For instance, Times New Roman (Serif font) symbolizes a serious factor and one with professionalism. On the other hand, Arial (san-Serif font) stands for a modern and universal message.

User feels at home

The navigational experience for the user or potential customer is another key aspect to successful website design and drawing in traffic. Search engines place rank on websites that feature sitemaps, so that is another essential for a business website trying to stand out among its competitors.

If the website owner cannot easily navigate their site, then, the visitor cannot.

Experts suggest using the free Google Analytics package to observe trends and offer the optimal user experience by making sure your website is running as smoothly as possible.

Stay consistently clean

A website should maintain its organized look with the proper font size on every page. Messy websites do not do anyone any favors. The language always needs to speak to the visitor with readable text throughout and be easy to navigate.