I know you want to make the holidays special for your family and kids, but if doing so is exhausting, it’s time to do things differently. Sometimes Mom’s have high expectations on how the holidays should play out. Making everyone else happy, and having everything in place and decorated can wipe out even a ninja warrior.

Instead of constantly thinking of how others will feel; what if Moms put their own well-being front-and-center during the festive season and allowed their desires to be heard? This isn’t a selfish act, rather a gift that will keep on giving. It’s time for Moms to confidently set different expectations for themselves and their families.

Here’s how a confident Mom sets herself up for a smooth and enjoyable holiday season:

  1. Moms-communicate your needs. Hosting may not be your thing this year and that’s fine. Let your family know that you will be spending Christmas morning in your home, in your pajama’s, sipping hot coco. Or alternatively decide to host a super casual breakfast with those who mean the most to you.
  2. You forgot the pictures with Santa this year! That’s fine, simply call or text those you want to reach out. This is so much more personable than sending a card in the mail.
  3. Pick one or two holiday parties you want to attend, and stick to it.
  4. There’s always one family member who is critical during the holidays. Just let the Grinch know that they will not spoil your mood or drag you down. Sometimes even the Grinch needs love, after all who knows what he/she is dealing with as well.
  5. Not every gift needs to be perfectly wrapped. If wrapping presents is exhausting, try these gift boxes for all your special items! They are festive and gorgeous!

Remember this is a time for everyone to enjoy-including and especially Moms.