Being productive is not about having a tight schedule. It involves making smart decisions that allow you to work efficiently by completing your tasks faster and producing quality work in less time. 

Between dealing with customers, replying emails, attending meetings, and setting up time for your social life, it’s easy to find yourself constantly busy with little to no productivity whatsoever.

Unlike popular opinion, being busy 24/7 does not necessarily equate to having a profitable business. The secret lies in how you plan your day and prioritize your tasks.

To help you become effective without feeling like beat at the end of the day, try these fantastic tips below:

  1. Delegate Tasks

Once upon a time, multitasking was the pride and joy of many people. It’s not anymore. Focusing on a single job at a time leads to higher productivity than handling ten different tasks. 

Multitasking is one sure way of producing substandard work with the illusion of being busy. To become a successful business owner, stop handling a hundred tasks, and start delegating.

You can’t be the one hunting down for prospects and still spending sleepless nights designing your website. Whatever task you have in mind, there’s a skilled person with the knowledge and experience to do it justice.

If building your online visibility is your pain point, then get SEO NZ to handle site optimization and content creation. For bugging IT issues, hire a qualified technology company. 

  1. Have a Realistic Schedule

There is no point in having a schedule if you’re going to fill your day with a million tasks. Come up with a reasonable list, starting with the top priority items. 

You’d rather have a list of only a few activities that you can accomplish than end up with unfinished duties at the end of the day.

  1. Reduce Distractions

Being a business owner is fun. You have no supervisor breathing down your neck or tracking your every move. The freedom of commanding how you spend your day comes with responsibility. 

Everything around you is trying to steal your attention and sidetrack the success of your business, from social media to beeping phone notifications. Prioritize your time by handling key tasks when you’re the most energetic.

Save social media for when you need time to unwind. 

  1. Take Advantage of Technology

If you want to grow your business, see a higher ROI, and have an edge over your competitors, it’s time you learn how to win by using innovative technology.

Whether you’re a startup or a medium-sized enterprise, you can beat any enterprise organization if you know how to leverage different angles of technology. You can learn anything about your biggest industry competition from their choice of keywords to their organic traffic. 

With site analysis from a Premium SEO Company in Melbourne, you have the opportunity to make the most of digital transformation. That’s not it; you can come up with impressive social media campaigns to help you increase your sales and build brand consistency.

  1. Be Mindful Of Your Employees

Be attentive to the needs and concerns of your employees. Having a healthy relationship with your staff is important in making sure they deliver quality work. 

People tend to work better in a comfortable environment where they receive positive reinforcement and appreciation. 

Parting Shot

If you’re struggling with being productive at work, now you know how to fix it.  I don’t expect you to master all these in a day, but at least you’re aware of the changes you need to make.




    Sarah Muwombi is a freelance writer that believes that productivity stems from good looks from inside out. She treats her skin with the sticky waters of aloe vera and washes her hair with rice water and has no doubt that her beauty routines are the reason she writes impact driven articles every day. When she's not writing, Sarah enjoys immersing in nature with her super genius daughter-Emily