overcoming the fear of the darkness

The dark is something that scares most people. Although kids are most afraid of the dark it would be somewhat funny to note that even adults are dreadfully afraid of it too. Perhaps you’ve been reading or watching too many ghost and supernatural stories and almost all scary stories are set in the dark. With darkness comes a loss of control. As humans, we are highly dependent on our sense of vision. When we lose our ability to see, it definitely affects our sense of control and power. Darkness immediately takes away a sense that helps us navigate the world around us. If you are an adult who fears the dark, or if you have a kid that seriously needs to learn to sleep alone here are ways of overcoming the fear of the dark and regaining your sense of freedom despite the pitch-black darkness.

Calm Down Before Bed

Calm Down Before Bed

It is necessary that you put yourself in a calm and meditative state before going to bed. Ditch the caffeine that makes you nervous and keeps your pulse racing. It is advisable that you stay away from electronic devices. Instead, listen to some soft relaxing music or read for a little while. The point is to get yourself into the most relaxing mindset possible. You may find that drinking some chamomile tea is relaxing or even petting your cat. Do not watch tv shows that will only keep you anxious. Avoid anything that will stress you for the night such as last-minute work.

Gradually Darken Your Room

Sleeping in the darkness gives you deeper and more restful sleep. This knowledge should encourage you to make steps in sleeping in total darkness. However, you do not need to turn off the lights completely. You can gradually dim the lights when you sleep up to a level you are comfortable with. For example, you have the option of opening the lights in an adjoining room. If this isn’t possible, you can keep a table lamp on and then gradually as your anxiety decrease and your level of comfort in the darkness increases you can open a nightlight. You should check your anxiety level in sleeping in dim lights until you can sleep in total darkness. If you are the type who panics in total darkness you can pick an electricity generator in case lights in your area totally go out.

Challenge your Fears

If you hear a thump or a crashing sound in the middle of the night you should encourage yourself to confront your fears immediately. You should see for yourself that the things you are imagining in your head are really just caused by explicable events. For example, the noise in your garage may just be a bunch of stray cats. The scratching noises you hear on your ceiling. may just be a rodent infestation. You must check the facts first before letting yourself be led into a rabbit hole of horror movie scares.

Make Your Room Pleasant

make your room pleasant

You can erase some of your fears of the dark by making your room a happy and pleasant space to sleep in. Choose cheery colors and warm a happy decor to help you think of positive thoughts as you doze off. Keep everything nice and neat so you won’t be imagining stuff from your neglected pile of clothes in the corner. You should also keep your room spacious and free from clutter. Only keep the furniture you absolutely need. Use aromatherapy, a study has shown that scents have a positive psychological effect on minds. The goal is to make your room a place where you can feel safe and happy.

You Have to Learn to Sleep on Your Own

For younger people, they may have the privilege of sleeping with parents and siblings. However, for adults, one way to successfully sleep on your own is by having a pet such as a cat or a dog beside you. Pets are immensely comforting and they may help you sleep in total darkness. However, you should wean yourself away from sleeping so closely with your pets and eventually just have them sleep at your feet or in the same room.