When it comes to self-care for men, what comes to mind for many are his aesthetics. For the sake of this article, I would like the focus to center around more of his well-being internally. From my point of view, these are 5 self-care characteristics/traits outside of self-grooming that I believe a man should strive to develop and/or possess. Self-care itself can be defined as an activity that is good for your physical or mental well-being or the simple act of taking time to focus on yourself.

The first self-care characteristic I deem to be beneficial for a man to have is Foresight.  When a man has foresight, he has the ability to lead others into the future. Life presents us with new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis and being able to plan ahead and make adjustments on the fly is important because it prepares one to be able to make adjustments and pivots that will allow him to have a favorable outcome no matter the circumstances or obstacles he is faced with moving forward. Having foresight equips a man with the mindset of being proactive versus being reactive and this is crucial in both his personal and professional life.

Secondly, a man must have Patience and Perseverance. Patience is defined as having the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Perseverance is the persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. With the advancement of technology and the explosion of social media, overnight success seems to be at the forefront of advertisements everywhere and labeled as “you can be an overnight success too” if you simply apply this system, buy that program, and invest in this company or product.

A third key self-care element for men to implement into their lives is Calmness! Calmness is the state or quality of being free from agitation or strong emotion. As we all know, due to many expectations placed oneself in a calm state it will afford men the opportunity to analyze situations, think things through logically, and operate from a place of civility no matter the storms and obstacles they may face in life.

Fourthly, self-care for men should include their willingness to maintain a healthy diet, visit their physician for regular checkups, and get quality sleep. Outside of men that are professional athletes and others that are into bodybuilding which requires a specialized commitment to healthy eating, many men do not maintain a healthy diet on a consistent basis. It is important for men, especially young men to control their alcohol consumption, cut back on high saturated fatty food, limit added sugar intake, restrict processed foods, and get more quality sleep as it helps with the aging process. In turn, this aids in the decreased likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease, coronary heart disease, hypertension, and sleep apnea. Getting adequate amounts of sleep helps prevent depression, irritability, excess weight gain, and allows for better productivity and concentration during the day.

The fifth element of a man’s self-care is having the ability to communicate openly and honestly about his feelings and emotions. Far too many men find it difficult to express their feelings to other men and women in fear of appearing weak and vulnerable. This kind of stigma often leads to mental health issues for men in that it causes them to suffer from emotional numbness…which is the mental and emotional process of shutting out one’s feelings. Because of this issue, many men tend to be perpetrators of sexual violence, child sex abuse, domestic violence, homicides, and suicide! It is paramount to a man’s good mental health to feel free to express himself verbally without being judged and labeled with the stereotypical grown men are not supposed to cry, show emotions, and remain silent and suck it up when they are hurting tags. The benefit to men being able to express themselves will only benefit all parties involved and actually enable them to be better leaders and providers…something many people, especially women find to be extremely attractive, appealing and desired!


As I was sitting here at my desk working on composing this article, my mind wandered off for a brief moment and the profound message “PEACE IS PRICELESS” inscribed on Acy Brown’s new fit-leisure tee-shirt caused me to really think about how important it is to have good mental health and peace in my life. I thought about the real meaning of having inner peace as it refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord and stress. I asked myself these questions “Am I truly happy with myself and who I am?” “Do I truly have peace in my life or am I easily distracted and disturbed by the actions of other people, situations, and circumstances taking place in my life?” The more I compartmentalized my answers to these pertinent questions, the more I realized how much I am truly working in my purpose and following the will of God.

I have been a successful businesswoman for the majority of my life as I became an entrepreneur at the age of 14. I am accustomed to working an average of 16-18 hours a day as well as supporting my husband and blended family. Reflecting back over my life about the various struggles and obstacles I have been able to endure and overcome as a woman, I can honestly look in the mirror and smile about the woman I see physically and have become emotionally. I am not only proud of the professional accomplishments and accolades I have been able to garner and accumulate over the years, but most importantly I am able to wear the crown of having Inner Peace in my life!

No matter how much personal success one achieves or what storms one has in his or her life, having peace of mind and soul will allow us to face life’s challenges head-on, deal with the results, and at the end of the day realize what is really important on our journey. Simply put peace is invaluable to our lives and for this reason alone…PEACE IS PRICELESS!