To avoid a nervous breakdown and reserve moments of joy in this world of bullies, it would be good to make your work environment a little bit pleasant. We are not talking about dressing up as a bunny or baking muffins every day. But a few little things can make all the difference. The proof by 5.

1. Turn your anger into something positive

This is called “office rage” or “anger at work” and it can happen very quickly. A remark, an e-mail gone wrong, a badly adjusted office chair, a nervous breakdown awaits.

But how to deal with the nervousness? There is no point in cracking down on it, according to a Harvard Medical School study. It is a bit like Aristotle’s principle of catharsis: expressing your passions which is Locksmith would allow you to find personal fulfillment … and avoid throwing your keyboard through the open space.

According to the study, anger could even be harnessed. It would give the necessary strength to say no or to ask for this promotion that we have dreamed of for years. “Anger makes it possible to dare, to set limits or to formulate requirements”

Be careful though, there is no point in being aggressive. You just need to channel what it takes to get ahead. Not always easy when you have colleagues who are a little too noisy:

2. Take the time to get some fresh air

As we have just seen, it is possible to transform your fed up with something positive. But to get there, it is better to clear your head to take a step back. Hence the benefit of breaks.

Admittedly, the legal break time is 20 minutes for every 6 hours of work. But multiple studies prove that productivity at work is increased by a small break time per hour. No wonder, then, to see large companies like Apple, Facebook or YouTube opening relaxation areas to allow their employees to rest, read, play or play sports between two work sessions.

Changing the environment has also been proven to increase creativity. Take every opportunity to escape the office. Visit those in the office next door, go have a coffee, make a phone call in the lobby of the building … It is about not falling into a counterproductive routine. “When the external context is varied, the information is enriched. It slows down memory loss

3. Don’t torture your body

It has been proven that sitting in an office chair for several hours at a time can have serious health consequences: colorectal cancer, diabetes, obesity, back pain, etc.

It is therefore advisable to get up from your chair at least once an hour to return to a normal position. Any pretext is valid: throw papers in the trash, discuss with the receptionist or go for a coffee (nothing to do with the one you have taken for the break,)

Not a luxury when you know the eye damage that computer screens can cause.

4. Create a space of solidarity

Among the solutions is the following: “Give employees the means to fulfill themselves at work. Restore spaces for discussion and autonomy at work”.

Discussion spaces? Even if this proposal is aimed primarily at managers, it also applies to employees,

Hence the usefulness of avoiding conflicts with colleagues or, if this is impossible, to burst the abscess immediately, all to create a climate of confidence. A good atmosphere in the office will make it possible not to create jealousy and to work without the pressure of judgment from others.

And, unparalleled advantage, even if it sounds a bit like a cliché: when the atmosphere is nice, we still drag our feet less to go to work. We imagine that these people, for example, do not drag their feet:

5. Separate work and private life

A survey published in 2012 concluded that the realm of work is increasingly encroaching on that of private life. The chapter entitled “Destruction of the Daily”, specifies that “the intensity of the work makes the daily life more painful and requires the involvement of the person, which is not unrelated to his stress. Any work of this kind implies then moments of respite that privacy must be able to offer. “

Here, the logic is the same as for the small breaks every two hours, but in the long term: to avoid overheating, it is better to completely ignore the work when you get home and stay away from home. arrange time for rest and sleep.