Forcing ourselves to be productive can sometimes be just plain hard.

We live in a society that never stops. Often times I feel like I’m being pulled in a million different directions. There are always new plans, new distractions and new tasks that arise to steal your attention and your productivity.

Before I became a Mom, I always completed tasks as I thought of them. I rarely wrote down important pieces of information because at that point in time I was able to actually remember things. I only had myself to focus on and keep in check.

Now that I’m a mother and wife, this situation has drastically changed. As a military wife, I’ve learned that productivity and organization is key to surviving. My type A personality loves having a plan and knocking things off of my checklist. By being productive I’m able to enjoy more moments with my daughter and have family time when my husband gets home. Productivity also brings the organization I crave. When things are organized and I actually know what’s going on in my life, things run SO much more smoothly.

Here are a few tips that help me keep my life in check, even when things get crazy.

  • Write things down — My planner is my lifeline. As a busy blogger, freelance writer, Mom and spouse — my life can get pretty hectic. Due to my husband’s military service, I can’t always count on him to be around. I often have to schedule and organize things solo. By writing due dates, appointments and all important dates down I can stay organized which allows me to be more productive. Every morning I look at my planner to see what the day’s tasks are. This helps me stay focus on what needs to be done for the day. Organization and focus leads productivity.
  • Exercise in the Morning — Exercise gives you endorphins and helps clear your mind. After a workout I’m always more focused on my to-do list for the day.
  • Prioritization — Make a list beginning with the most important task to complete for the day. Have a “Must, Should and Want” list. This will help you not stress out if you don’t complete every single item on your to-do list. Need even more help with staying on task? Set a time limit for each task and execute accordingly.
  • Take a Social Media Break — Like most American’s, I am way too addicted to my phone and social media. When I have an upcoming deadline I do not allow myself to access social media while I’m working. This has added SO much time back to my schedule. Now instead of checking facebook and losing 20 minutes of my time, I am able to use that time to be productive and work on completing a task.
  • Give Yourself Time to Regroup — Once you’ve finished your “must” tasks for the day, give yourself and your brain a little break — if you need it. I like to give myself time at night to enjoy time with my family. This is my regrouping time and it is so good for the brain and soul. It helps me avoid burnout, while giving my brain a little break.

Originally published at Anchored Mommy.

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