As employees have been forced to work from home during COVID-19, many small businesses are finding it hard to keep their companies afloat. Employers constantly fear that working at home may demotivate the employees to give their 100% to the job. Here are a few tips to boost your employee productivity while working from home.

1. Communicate Frequently:

As you are working at your home and your employees are working from their homes, it is not easy to remain in sync always. In-office, your employees are always in front of you and you get to see what they are working on. When it comes to working from home, you may get clueless which is why to maintain constant communication with your employees so that everyone is on the same page.

2. Provide Your Employees with Updated Tools:

Working remotely with your employees is not an easy task, as employees may find it difficult to do a lot of tasks from home. One of the major factors is that they need to be connected to the network constantly to access data from servers, and if the server speed is not high, then they would waste a lot of time just doing this simple task. It is a better idea to buy RDP servers, which comes with SSD storage, which means 10 X better performance. 

3. Encourage Employees to Create a Home-based Office:

As people are not used to working from home for months, this may hamper their productivity as they do not find the work environment. Encourage them to create a separate workplace in their home so they can get the feeling of working in an office space which will increase their productivity for sure.

4. Create a Trustful Work Environment:

Create a trustful work environment so that the employees need not be strictly supervised as it is not easy to do that when they are all working from home, Creating the trust will make sure that they do their tasks timely. Assign them responsibilities but do not disturb them, again and again, to find out the status. Built a trust-based work culture.

5. Provide Job Assurance:

Let us be honest, most businesses are not doing well during the pandemic, hence many small companies are shutting down or letting go of their employees. Make sure to convey this message strongly to your employees that you have no such plans. They might be afraid of losing jobs, hence looking for opportunities. If they feel secure in their current job, instead of focusing on finding a new one, they can put in all their energy towards pushing your business ahead.

The Bottom Line:

No one had expected such a pandemic to hit the world anytime soon, hence it has come as a mental shock to everyone. As life is no more normal, it may be hard to run a business and make it profitable as well. It is not impossible though if your business goals are communicated to the employees and all of you work together to achieve it at a constant pace.