It’s November, and many people have forgotten, tossed out or just quit their New Year’s Resolutions.

Did you do any one of those three things?

If you did which of those three actions did you take and why did you do so?

I’m sharing with you 5 Tips To Free You From Making New Year’s Resolutions For Good. However, first I need to reveal the secret mind-shift behind my breaking free of New Year’s Resolutions to achieve year-long success. I share the five most important steps I use to meet my New Year’s plans and goals. The secret mind-shift is I view New Year’s Resolutions as Progressive Life Changes (PLCs) and from that mental concept I created a five-year plan to achieve my Progressive Life Changes which have transformed my life. Below are my five tips.

1.    CHANGE THE WAY; YOU VIEW NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS: The reasoning behind changing the way I viewed my New Year’s Resolutions and creating a five-year plan is simple. I needed an anchor that would be strong enough to keep me grounded no matter what happens in my life. When I changed the way, I saw New Year’s Resolutions I was able to create that anchor. This method is dependent on me always moving forward to effect personal growth and change in my life. By focusing on Progressive Life Changes, I’m able to set a five-year plan that maps out a purposeful journey. My ideas and goals are heavily reliant on my PLCs and my five-year plan. Also, it compels me to take meaningful, achievable and highly focused actions.

2.    WHY CREATE A FIVE-YEAR PLAN? Creating a five-year plan gives me long-term goals that are not too far off in the future. Since five years is not too far away, it allows me to envision my near future. I then created a four-year, three-year, and a two-year plan from my five-year plan, which makes it even more realistic for me to reach my goals. Finally, from my two-year program, I created a one-year plan, which gives me my short-term goals. I’m then able to set daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals that are time sensitive and attainable.

3.    WHY I’M ABLE TO STAY ON TRACK WHILE OTHERS FAIL: I’m able to stay on track while others fail at their new year’s resolutions because of my mind-shift and having a five-year plan. It’s a critical part of my annual success. I review it quarterly to make sure I’m on track and to keep it updated. Having a big picture goal creates a sense of purpose, excitement, and accomplishment; that’s very addictive. Every new year is a continuation of what I’ve started working on in the previous year. Using this approach solidifies my commitment to my short-term and long-term goals.

4.    CREATE YOUR PERSONALIZED METHOD: The method above is how I chose to approach the problems and challenges I faced in keeping my new year’s resolutions. It took time for me to get to a five-year plan that I was happy with, but it was worth the time spent getting to know and understand myself. The five-year plan I have now has changed a lot from when I first made it because I’ve matured. It took trying and failing but was worth it. My plan keeps evolving as I do. The method has a total of nine tips, but I’ve condensed them into just five.

Create your method to fit who you are. Always remember that you’re a unique individual and the expert on you. Your approach should suit you and your values; not the other way around. You can create one from scratch or integrate different ideas by choosing those that fit who you are. Remember to stay true to yourself with whatever method you wish to aid you in meeting and keeping your new year’s resolution goals.

5.     THE IMPORTANCE OF VISUALIZATION: Having a long-term vision of your future self and your future lifestyle, helps you create a clear focus and why for the Progressive Life changes you wish to make. When you use visualization, you’re more likely to keep your goals in the new year. Alan Richardson, an Australian psychologist, conducted an experiment which confirmed that visualization works. Robert Collier explains visualizing this way. “Visualize this thing that you want, see it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint, and begin to build.”

Conclusion: If you’re determined and committed to creating lasting change in your life, it is possible. It’s not easy, and there are no instant fixes, but if you’re willing to put the time, commitment, discipline, and work in it’s achievable. Those are the 5 Tips To Free You From Making New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it’s losing weight and getting fit or saving more money in the new year these tips could work for you.


  • Petula Alicia Fraser

    Life Alignment Coach & Lifestyle Consultant

    Petula Alicia Fraser is a Life Alignment Coach and Lifestyle Consultant. She helps the successful women she guides to dive deeply into their lives and themselves so that they can make the mental and behavioral shift they need to create the joy and fulfillment they’re longing to have. They’re high achieving single women who need to overcome burnout, gain clarity, and stop sacrificing their health, relationships, careers, and dreams and want to enjoy the success they already have. By courageously creating the dynamic life experience they want to have. Connect with Petula on her website: