Productivity is not a matter of chance. It is the result of your commitment to setting goals and achieving them.

One of the benefits of working from the office is that your supervisor ensures you stay productive to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.

But due to the Covid19 pandemic, more people now work from home. And, lots of people deal with unclear boundaries between work and home.

The tricky question is: how do you continue to perform at your best on your job with the change in the working environment?

Here are easily actionable tips to help you increase productivity while working from home.

  1. Set goals to increase productivity 

Setting goals is the first step to becoming more productive. Goals act as prompts that guide you to navigate life’s journey.

Writing your goals has several benefits. It helps to crystallize your desires and improves your focus on achieving these goals.

And that’s not all.

Achieving your desires helps you build good habits which gets you closer to your goals.

Whether it’s a life-long goal of writing a memoir as you celebrate your 60th birthday, a yearly plan of earning six figures as a freelancer, or a daily goal of writing 3,000 words, the goals you set need to be SMART. That is, they’ve got to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Practice the habit of setting goals because it gives you compelling reasons to get out of bed daily. Plus, you live a purposeful, fulfilling, and rewarding life when you set goals and achieve them.

2.    Schedule your day

Planning your day helps you stay focused on achieving your goals each day. You stand a chance to get out of bed early when you have a to-do list detailing how you intend to accomplish your goals.

When you schedule your day, you tend to keep track of your to-do list and compare your progress to your to-do list.

You also get the chance to rank your activities in the order of importance and urgency. When you list your tasks for the day, this helps you to complete the critical and urgent tasks quickly before you proceed to other less necessary tasks.

Another reason why scheduling your day is important is that it gives you the chance to measure your progress over time and find new ways to improve your productivity.

3.    Eat a good breakfast

You might be wondering… “What has breakfast got to do with becoming more productive?”


Eating a healthy breakfast not only gives you daily physical strength but also helps you concentrate and focus on accomplishing your daily goals. 

Eat fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, bananas, berries, carrots, etc. You can quickly grab and munch these fruits and veggies anytime. And more importantly, fruits and vegetables boost your level of creativity and curiosity.  

Eating a healthy meals deters you from binge-eating later in the day.

4.    Organize your workspace

If you want to increase your productivity, a clean and organized workspace is a necessity.

Organizing your workspace aids movement around your workstation. It also adds a professional look to your workspace.

But here’s the kicker: a neatly organized workspace inspires you to work.

This quote from The War of Art by Steven Pressfield encouraged me to create my workspace.

When I started my freelance writing career, I didn’t have a dedicated workspace. I worked from anywhere in the house. My output was below average, and it greatly affected my income. I talked to my writer friend who recommended Steven Pressfield’s books, The War of Art and Do The Work!

The professional cannot live like that. He is on a  mission. He will not tolerate disorder. He eliminates chaos from his world to banish it from his mind. He wants the carpet vacuumed and the threshold swept, so the  Muse may enter and not soil her gown.

The War of Art

As you might expect… My work rate improved significantly. Each time I sat down to write, I focused on getting the job done. You, too, can save precious time and get more tasks completed when you set up a workspace.

Here are some quick tips for setting up your office space.

•    Choose a comfortable chair and table that will help you maintain a proper sitting position.

•    Use a notice board to display drafts of tasks you’re currently working on.

•    Keep frequently used items within reach.

•    Use colors that resonate with you.

5.    Keep to set time for activities

When you’ve set the time for an activity, focus your attention on completing the task within the stipulated time frame.

For instance, if on your to-do list for the day you’ve marked out two hours to read a book, stick to it. Don’t exceed the allotted time, even if you’re completely drawn into the book. More importantly, if you find the book boring and uninteresting to read, stick to it until the time elapses.

Do you think this is a bit unsettling? 

Well, the first time I tried this trick, I found it to be a little disturbing too. I was used to doing things whenever I felt like doing them. I learned how to stick to my goal even when I was distracted.

But, what I liked about this tip is that it conditions your subconscious mind to keep to time and helps you to cancel unimportant tasks. 


Increasing your productivity is a lifelong process. Whether you work from home or office, take steps toward increasing productivity and achieving your set goals. And you sure will lead a rewarding and fulfilling life when you do.