inspire and motivate kids

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Has your kid ever resisted waking up and starting the day? (If you answered “no” to either of these questions then you’re amazing and keep scrolling, for the rest of us keep reading!)

. Mornings can be hard for anybody, but they don’t always have to be discouraging!

As adults, we have learned through trial and error, what works for us in the mornings. Wake up early, have a great cup of coffee, go on a quick run, meditate, etc. After, we feel motivated to start the day!

Unfortunately, we can’t give our kids a double shot of espresso and get the same results. Whether our kids are waking up at the crack of dawn or they are late sleepers, we want them to feel excited about a new day and the exciting possibilities ahead.

Below are five easy ways to inspire our kids in the morning. And let me emphasize the simplicity of these ideas because as parents we don’t need more on our breakfast plate.

  • Music

Morning person or not, who doesn’t love a song that makes you want to move your feet? Maybe an instrumental concert to calm the nerves is best for your little one? Or movie soundtracks is more your kids’ style (Greatest Showman soundtrack is a family favorite!)? Music can be a great gateway to get your kiddo to throw off the blanket and set the tone for the day. Thanks to technology, music is always at our fingertips so google a favorite genre and turn up the music. Listen to something new every day or change up the times to play their favorite song (during breakfast, brushing teeth, etc) to keep the morning energized.

  • Inspiring Quotes or Thoughts

I have sticky notes with memorable quotes and moving statements from influential people all over my personal planner. These keep me inspired and hopeful and they can do the same for your kids–especially in the morning when they need a little something “extra” to start their day.

  • Praise Them

Kids (and adults) need lots of positive affirmations to feel encouraged. What better time to praise them than first thing in the morning! Fill their cup up with compliments from mom and dad while getting dressed or getting their backpack ready and they’ll start their day off feeling like they can move mountains!

  • Set up a Routine With Goals

Routines keep life running smoothly and can be especially beneficial for younger children who learn best through repetition. When children know what the morning expectations are there’s less push back. Start small and build a morning routine that works best for you and your family.

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  • Create a Reward System

We all like to be recognized for our hard work and what better way to express to your kids that they’re doing a great job than with a reward system! Motivate them to make the bed and put their breakfast dishes away with a little incentive. Rewarding good habits, especially in the morning, will encourage them through the day.

Try one or all of these easy ideas to inspire your kids tomorrow morning!