How do you listen to your inner wisdom — your intuition — when the world around you is on fire?

How do you stay centered and on a mission when everywhere you look there is upheaval?

There is an incredible amount of noise out there right now. And it is easy to get caught up in it… or want to head to the couch and hide away.

Now, I fully realize all the crazy topsy-turvy, divisive, angry mess we are experiencing right now is part of the up-leveling of our consciousness. I get it.

I also get that you have to be in it to win it. You must put yourself into your aligned life and get out there and be that, to be a part of the change. Sorry folks, there is no sitting this one out.

The biggest growth right now is happening for people who are willing to be movers and shakers…
to reach for what is in their heart.

Here’s the conundrum:

All this noise is both spurring-on change and distracting you from it. If you can’t rise above the noise to hear the guidance of your inner wisdom, you’ll feel stuck.

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To break through this, you must actively create ways to move through your resistance to quieting down your entire system.

You may not think you’re in some form of resistance right now, but I’d wager that what’s going on in the world around you has created some kind of an internal response.

You may feel afraid or you may be reacting to other people’s fear. If you are scrolling through your Facebook feed and feeling your stomach clench, you’re in too deep. Cute cat videos might help, but the real work is to go within to turn off that reticular alarm system of yours, which has you in a low-level stress response.

That biological fight-or-flight message is the #1 reason why you can’t get grounded, shift gears and hear what your own wisdom has to say to help you right now.

On the flip side…

You may feel empowered to rise up and create a different world, pushing your own growth so you can embody new ideas and new frequencies.

I see women everywhere responding to some inner call — a seed for personal change has been activated. This work requires focus. If you are getting sucked into the drama around you, you are not working where you need to be.

If you are called to level-up right now, your focus must be on how you shift into this new version of you and move that into the world.

Personally, I feel both sides at the same time.

Right now I notice that on the one hand, I easily get pulled into a reactive mode by all the noise and fear around me. It triggers all my fear and sucks up a lot of time.

Yet at the same time, I’m being called into a higher state of action because of what is happening in the world.

The result is, I’m having to balance where I get pulled into the drama and triggered, and where I must focus to be the version of me who has something to offer to change the world. I must find ways to shut out the noise to hear my own answers.

I’d bet you’re doing the same thing.

I’m dealing with it all through some intentional action.

1. I’m limiting my social media time.

I’m intentionally not reading all those articles that I know will rile me up. There’s a balance that must be found — and enforced — around being informed and what fuels some internal fire that burns you out. Be intentional with what you consume.

Turning off the external noise gives rise to your own internal voice. Listen to what your internal message is. If you’re stuck in a loop of some kind, do the work you need to shift that. Listen to what else you can hear, what fuels and guides you. Listen for you own internal reference point of the world you live in.

2. I diffuse the situation.

Literally… I have my diffuser going daily with essential oils. It is the fastest way to shift my vibe… your’s too. It only takes 3 seconds for an essential oil to reach your limbic system — your emotional center in your brain. It literally is as easy as breathing to help create an emotional shift.

We’re playing a long game here, give yourself some tools that help support you in body, mind, and spirit. Having a vibrational tool running in the background of my daily activity, supporting me in mind, body, and spirit keeps me sane!

Here’s more on the energetic and emotional aspects of essential oils. Get a diffuser and some oils. It’s a game-changer.

3. I’m creating space in my day.

There’s usually a cup of coffee involved here. What this is about is, having a few moments to simply do nothing.

I allow my mind to relax. I enjoy the birds in the yard and watch the squirrels. I clear out, so there is room for more to come in. I start to listen to my thoughts. I talk to the trees outside my window asking them what they know of what I am focused on, and I allow my thoughts to wonder to answers.

All within the time it takes to enjoy that cup of joe.

I work with a lot of women who have crazy busy schedules. I hear a lot of people tell me why they can’t do this. You can… you must.

This simple shift is a hard one for some, but slowing down sets the stage for inner listening. You don’t have to be meditating. You don’t have to be journaling. You simply need to make some space and listen for what shows up when you do.

Shift the belief that you are too busy to slow down for just 15 minutes. And if you really are so jam-packed… it might be time to really look at your life and make some new choices.

4. I lean into where I don’t want to settle in.

I spend time where I am in some form of resistance — where I struggle to “settle in.” This is especially true when I am trying to get grounded. I simply observe that inner tension until it unwinds and I can drop into an embodied state.

You can not jump over your resistance in getting to your wisdom. Your resistance is your wisdom. That’s your inner wisdom telling you what you need to be aware of. Go slow, be willing to work where you are.

5. I’m taking action.

My sense is, if you wait too long on what inspiration you have, you will lose it. Your inner voice will speak with less urgency.

If you can get into action, your inner wisdom kicks into gear. She’s going to be talking to you in response to what you experience, and what triggers new ideas and questions within you.

If you are called to do something new, get up and get it started. Learn as you go. Don’t hold off on something because you need to understand every aspect of it first. Don’t avoid taking action because you have to be an expert. We are learning on the go.

Do it, and listen as you go.

Let’s face it, there’s going to be noise.

None of this up-leveling crazy stuff is going to go away soon. You’re going to have feelings and reactions about what’s happening around you. You want some balance, however.

Right now your inner wisdom has a lot to compete with. Help her out. Make time and space for her. You’ll be glad you did.

Over to you.

How will you find the balance between the chaos and the calm now?

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