As a society, we encourage the rat race.  We are encouraged to do, do, do and then do some more. Our worth is determined by how much we do, how much we have, by how popular we are, by the number of followers on social media and the number of comments and/or  likes on our posts!

As a homeschooling mom of 3, business owner and recovering perfectionist, I’ve had to learn some hard lessons along the way.  Hard, yet necessary. You see, I had forgotten how to just BE! I had forgotten how to value myself first and foremost, and how to value my sanity!  I spent so many years striving for validation and all the recognition for DOING it all!!!! On the verge of losing it, I found my way back to sanity, back to alignment, back to my blissful state.  This didn’t happen without sweat, tears, determination and hard work. Here, I share my 5 top tips, ones I’ve compiled to make the process a bit easier for you, who like me, is on a journey of self discovery, a journey to finding your own blissful rhythm.

Tip #1: Stop saying yes to all the things that insult your soul!  Stop saying yes to not upset those around you! Start creating healthy boundaries and stand firm in your knowing that you are worthy of your sanity!  It’s okay to say no and not feel guilt or shame. Choose to do only the things that truly bring you joy! We’re taught at a young age that we need to please those around  us and I for one call bul! It’s time to reclaim your bliss!

Tipe #2: Stop self sabotaging yourself!  Stop doing all the things that no longer serve your highest good.  Stop doing all the things that are getting you nowhere near your goals.  Stop making lame excuses as to why you’re not achieving that which you desire.  DO start taking responsibility for all that you do and all that you don’t do. Check in with yourself and see if you’re not doing all the things you said you would because you truly don’t want to or because you’re scared.  If fear is what’s holding you back, then you need to dig deep, face those fears and release them so that you can finally thrive!

Tip #3: Stop focusing all your energy on the things that don’t bring you joy and instead, start putting all your attention on all the things, people and situations that do!  Express gratitude for all you are, all you have, and all that is to come. Lean into that feeling of gratitude and feel it with every cell in your body. You see, when you begin to focus on all that is good, you forget to focus on all that is not.  When you express gratitude for all that is now and all that is to come, you can manifest from a place of alignment.

Tip #4: Start surrounding yourself with only those that contribute to your growth & bliss.  They say we are a sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Now would be a good time to take inventory and  see who those people are. Are they contributing to your growth? Do they support you mentally & emotionally? Do they love you unconditionally?  Do they contribute to your happiness? Do they motivate you? Do they make you smile? If the answer to most of these questions is no, then you may want think about this long and hard.  It is not selfish to release old friends or even family members that no longer resonate with you. This is not easy to hear, but it’s the truth. Often times we are surrounded by people we love, that do nothing but complain or gossip and that DOES NOT contribute to anyone’s growth.  You can help them raise their vibration, but you must first be living in a higher frequency for yourself.

Tips #5: Stop playing small!  Stop holding back on all your dreams with the hope that someday you’ll have the time, the money or the patience.  Now is truly all we’ve got. Ask yourself this: If you were to find out today that you had one last day to live…what would be your greatest regret?  Think about this….are you willing to take the chance that you’ll someday wake up and have nothing left but regrets? Or are you willing to do all that it takes right now in this moment to make your dreams your reality???

Now go out into the world and know that there is no limit except the ones you create in your mind.  Be who you were always meant to be, live the life you were always meant to live, show up as your authentic self, unapologetically and fiercely.  Live your life aligned, live it on purpose and with purpose. Live your life blissfully every day, because you can!

If you’re looking for support or more information on how to implement these tips in your day to day life, reach out.

Love & Light,


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  • Jennifer Gagnon

    Holistic Health Coach & Advanced Marconics Practitioner

    Whole Health With Jen

    Jen is a certified Holistic Health Coach who helps her clients become crystal clear on their desires, remove toxicity and blocks from all areas of their lives, and finally start living a life of freedom. She combines her expertise in holistic health, mindset work, and energy healing to ensure her clients fully embody these shifts. Jen is a firm believer that in order to live your best life now, you need to align, mind, body and soul.   She’s certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as a certified Advanced Marconics Practitioner, trained by the founder herself, Alison David-Bird (energy healing modality). Marconics is a powerful energy healing modality that allows the client to raise their vibration above the frequency of fear that has shackled them to their story.     She’s been a guest at several womens summits and featured in Unchain Your Inner Strength Magazine and podcast as well as Thrive Global and The Elephant Journal. She writes regularly at