Mehndi has a special significance in Indian marriages. In Indian weddings, Mehndi is one of the most beneficial ingredients for all wedding parties. Mehndi applies to future bridal and bridegroom. The day before the wedding, the woman gathered the henna leaves, made a paste and cut a beautiful pattern on the bride’s palms. Although home-made mehndi is more common in some families, there are modern, busy people who choose finished cones.

Mehndi is a symbol of prosperity, and if the mehndi is placed on its palm before marriage, the bride is considered lucky. On the other hand, people also think that the darker bride’s mehndi, the more men love her. Therefore, to improve the color of the mehndi on the palms there are some tools that you can try to add shadows and colors. So, you all blushing the bride, get some latest mehndi designs and look at these tips to darken it.

Sugar + Lemon

The oldest advice to darken the bride’s mehndi is to use juice from the lemon-sugar mixture to the mehndi application. This blend will make your hands sticky and prevent the mehndi from drying out and falling out.

Apply on Clean Palms:

It is very important to use the mehndi on a clean palm tree. Wash your hands with soap and water to prevent sweat. Mehndi will be longer and darker.

Avoid the Sun:

Do not wear it in the sun when you put your hands on your palm. The oil content of the mehndi can be absorbed by the sun and has no other effect on the skin.

Don’t use water:

If you want your wife’s knife to be beautiful and dark, do not rinse mehndien in your palm with water. It is recommended to carefully remove or brush the palm of the hand to remove.

Use Gloves:

using mehndi, wear plastic gloves on plastic. Use gloves at night. This simple
point will generate heat in the body, which helps improve the color of the mehndi.