Many people have very tough time commitments, due to which they don’t get time for Gym. BUT, they also wish to stay healthy and fit. So in that case, the only option left is to do workout at home. While you can find multiple exercises which can tone you down and make you look great, the only hindrance here is to stay motivated. 

It is a lot tougher to exercise at home without having much room and trainers around. So here, I will give you some amazing tips on how you can keep yourself entertained while you are doing this rigorous task. These tips work perfectly well for me. So even you should try these out and see what suits you the most.


Even when you are sitting idle, Music becomes your best companion. So, when you are working out, it just adds cherry to the cake. Everybody is aware that music help intensifying the workout. But how exactly this happens, is a curious question. When you listen to your favourite songs or tunes, you become less and less aware of your fatigue. This in turn pushes you to do more exercises than you would have normally done.

What to do: Just find out which music gives you greater satisfaction, and make your own personal playlist. Alternatively, you can also check out the latest Hindi songs and find out your favourite tunes. While you start doing exercises, just play these songs and you will notice a different level of energy in you.


You can even stay fit while watching your favourite TV shows. When you sit at home and switch on TV, make a routine that as long as your favourite show is going on, you have to do certain exercise sets. In this way, you will ensure that your exercise routine is daily followed. Also, no extra time would be wasted for exercise other than your lazying around time. 

What to do: Now there are certain ways to achieve this. One, whenever ad breaks pop up, start with the intensive workout. Alternatively, you can do squats, lunges and sumo squats while watching your show, since they will not hinder your view as well. Or, one of the ultimate options is YOGA. As a pass time while watching TV, you can try various Yoga poses

Reward with Calories burned

When we talk about rewards, everybody gets enthusiastic. So why not implement it with your exercise only? You definitely deserve something in return of such an effort you put in your exercises. 

What to do: One way is to give yourself certain amount after every day’s exercise. For example, you can save $1 in a different box after each day’s workout. Or, you can download some calorie counting app, and fix certain awards for calorie ranges. For example, for every 50 calories burnt, give yourself $0.50. For every 100 calories, $1.00. And similarly keep varying the range and amount as per your capacity.

Play Games

Well well well. Whether you are a kid or a grown up, games fascinate all. So why not mix games along with workout? This way you won’t even skip your exercises when they will be so much fun to do.

What to do: There are various games like Wii Fit which will give you a lot of entertainment while you do the exercises. They can either be played alone or with your friends. Alternatively, you can pick your partner for exercise and do fun pair workouts that will make you laugh along with burning your calories.

Motivational Apps

There are a lot of fitness applications that will send you reminders as well as train you side by side. You can try one of those for an effective workout. For example, there are many 7 minute workouts where the app assistant keeps you motivated while ticking the clock.

What to do: Check out these apps and pick your favourite one. Many apps are for free, while some ask premium to unlock more work out plans. Pick one which will send you reminders daily for your exercise. Now select a 7 minute workout and as the clock ticks away, start with your set of exercises.