When you prepare an audiovisual budget for your event, you must go further and not just think about how much money we are going to spend on the set, lighting or sound. To ensure that we obtain the maximum value and the best results, it is essential to have a solid knowledge of the capabilities of the technology, which is why our audiovisual events company is basic.

For this reason, in this article we want to leave you 5 tips that we must take into account so that our audiovisual event is a success:

1.- Look for creativity in your audiovisual provider

When we hire an audiovisual provider, we traditionally look for service, price and trust. All are good measures of a quality audiovisual company, but to really do justice to your event, creativity has to be a central part of its product offering.

Advances in projection and event lighting technology mean that the old business model of simply hiring out and operating gear for a customer is no longer an adequate level of service. The main driver of this conceptual change in the market has been the development of technologies such as 3D mapping , for example.

2.- Share your vision of the event

Having a clear vision of the aesthetic sensation and the tone of the event is crucial in this stage of pre-production. We can create a small storyboard of the event like a film director, discuss themes and images with their key personnel and audiovisual equipment … A good audiovisual company should be able to put into practice any creative idea.

3.- Think digital

Talk to your audiovisual company about the methods to digitally improve your event. Can they digitally surprise at the conference with screenings and then transform the same space for a gala dinner? Almost anything is possible, and an in-depth conversation with a design professional is very valuable to help direct our thinking in the planning stages.

The creation of a multimedia audiovisual event driven from scratch may seem like a long process but the results represent a better return on investment. Digital branding elements or content of the presentation can not only be used in a specific event, but also transported to events or similar places without any additional cost. Pureav – Audio Visual Companies Toronto offers high quality staging and technical support services for all types of events.

4.- Become mobile

Almost everyone now has a Smartphone in their pocket. These smartphones can now not only record the content of our event, but also interact with it. An audiovisual company should have a lot of new ideas on how to do this work for your event to offer a greater commitment to the audience.

A technology can be the applications that allow a poll to be made among the public and instantly show aggregated results on a main screen. For attendees, important information such as schedules, maps and key messages should be easily accessible from an application or web page.

5.- Think more than numbers

Your audiovisual budget now has the potential to deliver results well beyond the date of the event itself. All your clients, employees and / or delegates are issuers, sharing their impressions, images and videos through their networks.

Dedicating time and creativity in the beginning of the planning of your audiovisual event can provide us with long-term benefits. Reaching the center of the message, imagining the best possible way to put it into practice, and investing to get the best results will be the 3 rules that we must fulfill to achieve a successful audiovisual event.


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