employee disengagement

Employee disengagement can badly hurt your bottom line. Studies show that companies in the USA lose approximately $500 to $550 billion every year.

A happy, motivated, and passionate workforce is key to an organization’s success and maintaining momentum in the longer run. The best way to keep employee engagement levels high is by acknowledging employee issues and taking immediate action to fix them.

Here are a few ways to overcome employee disengagement:

1. Promote transparency

Employees need to feel valued, and transparency helps build trust. A respectful and bias-free workplace is the best platform for highly passionate and engaged employees. There should be genuine motivation for employees to give their 100 percent to the organization.

2. Regular connects and feedback

Ensure you get the employee pulse as often as possible, apart from monthly one-on-ones and skip-level meetings. You can use employee engagement software and tools to make the process automated. Managers should look for ways for informal talks where colleagues can express themselves freely. If you are still stuck with annual employee engagement surveys, try moving to monthly pulse surveys.

After receiving feedback, it is critical to analyze it and take immediate visible action. Once employees start seeing results and changes, they will know they are being heard, and their voice matters.

3. Allow flexibility

Work-life balance is key to employee engagement. Flexible companies thrive because they let their employees do their work conveniently and not force them into strict routines. If an employee has to travel for an hour to reach the office, they might be better suited to work from home instead of wasting time on the road.

4. Make work enjoyable

“Fun at work” has to be a norm. Organizations need to be creative to break monotonous routines. Employee engagement fun activities in the office are great ways to create a happy workplace. It gives opportunities to employees to interact and get to know their co-workers better.

5. Don’t forget remote employees

A big chunk of the workforce is working remotely and can be easily disengaged if not dealt with properly. Be creative with virtual employee engagement activities ideas, like promoting virtual water cooler conversations, virtual clubs, best use of team chats, and video conferencing tools to keep remote workers’ morale high.