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Perhaps you are doing well at the office. Let’s say you’re pretty satisfied with your pay, you get along well with your co-workers, and the boss seems to like you. However, you feel like there is something missing. This is about the time when you realize that you want more opportunities at work. You may want to start thinking about how to get ahead.

Applying yourself and stepping up your game will help you to “win friends and influence people” in the workplace. In other words, it’s time to leave your comfortable autopilot status behind and pave your way to professional growth and development.

If you want to get ahead at work, try going after it by adhering to these five tips:

Make Your Intentions Known

Be intentional with your boss and explain how you feel. Let your supervisor know that you want to discuss your goals and thoughts on how you can give more of your time and talents to the company’s vision.

Your boss will be pleased with your initiative and take note of your interest to increase your responsibility at work. Be prepared with a list of roles and tasks that you’d like to take on and ask for suggestions as well.

Making your intentions known is the first step if you want to progress in your career. Your boss will appreciate the effort and perhaps look for ways to help you grow.

Appearances Matter

It’s been said that people should dress for the job they want to have rather than the one that they do have. Seriously, you’ll want to make that happen.

Be sure to come into the office looking freshly ironed, hair in place, clean shaven, appropriate shoes rather than flip flops and the list goes on. Use some common sense and add a “dress to impress” mentality to your ensemble each morning.

Arriving at work on time is also a very important factor. If you look flustered, stressed and like you’re running behind, then others will notice. Appear cool, calm, and collected so you look serious about your job and role in the company.

Stay Informed

Stay abreast of the latest industry info. Know your stuff and follow the latest trends. While you don’t want to be seen as a know-it-all, you do want to be seen as an expert. Staying informed, you will stand out as someone who is knowledgeable and a source of information. Eventually, your extensive knowledge will push you ahead as a clear leader amongst the team.

Read everything that you can get your hands on. Find and follow blogs like Careeba on social media and subscribe to their newsletters. Your goal should be to constantly learn and embrace networking opportunities. Then share what you’ve learned with others. Seeking personal growth and investing in others will ensure you are on the fast track to getting ahead at work.

Take Initiative

Look for areas where your company is lacking and fill in the gaps. Don’t wait to be asked if you can help. Be proactive and find tasks and roles that need some attention. Your boss and others will notice your initiative and desire to take on more.

Roll up your sleeves and go all out to complete tasks that seem to be falling by the wayside. Ask your coworkers if they need assistance and then make yourself available to help.

Nip the Negative Talk

One great way to show your interest in growth and responsibility is to invest in relationships. Be easy to get along with and never talk negatively about others. Someone that wants to take on more responsibility and get ahead should be a great role model at work. Stay clear from gossip and compromising situations.

Further, take every opportunity to participate in company team building opportunities. If there is an after-hours outing, then be sure to attend. Make yourself available and try to be friendly and cordial. Stay involved and be positive while you are spending time with your coworkers.

Look for chances to build your relationship with both coworkers and your superiors. Workplace fun is important and your interest and time investment in others will allow you to learn more about them as you seek to grow and get ahead at the office.

If you want to get head, then make your goal obvious to others. You’ll “wow” your boss and build a new rapport with those you work with by stepping up to the plate with a willingness to get the job done at a new level.

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