SEO skills are in demand for all business verticals today. Almost every big and the small company hosts its own website on the internet to increase awareness and attract more customers. With so much competition on the World Wide Web, it is difficult to ensure that your target audience notices your content. This is where SEO businesses step in. According to recent studies, Google was responsible for over 79% of the desktop search traffic in 2017. (Source: Therefore, you need to hire someone with a considerable amount of experience in using Google’s website ranking algorithms to his/her advantage.

If you host an SEO business, you are already aware of several SEO-related marketing strategies that help your website rank higher in search engine results. However, how do you promote your business on social media? Here are 5 tips that will help you do so.

Use Highly Specific Content

Unlike with search engines, social media has the power to deliver your content to a highly specific audience according to their likes and dislikes. Most popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have smart algorithms that suggest content based on a person’s recent activity on the platform. Only when you use specific content on a repetitive basis, it will appear as suggested content on your target audience’s feed. You also need to post content on a regular basis to truly gauge the attention of the users. You cannot expect your first post to go viral on the internet.seo+social media

Apart from this, do not shy away from paying small amounts to market your content as paid/promotional content to reach the relevant audience. Most of the big SEO company like also paying some amount on social media marketing for brand promotion.

Use Media Instead of Textual Content

We know that your expertise resides in developing SEO-friendly content for the audience. However, it is not necessary that you forcefully use this skill on social media. While your content might be excellent in quality as well as relevancy, it will rank lower compared to a popular meme or a cat skateboarding video, if it does not contain media and graphical elements.For example, Instagram is a fantastic example of people’s preferences in the media consumption sector. They would rather watch short videos and images than reading lengthy articles or blogs.

Make sure that your content is a mixture of aesthetically appealing and trending media elements along with relevant textual content (with more focus on the graphical content) to attract an audience.

Join Relevant Social Media Groups

The best part about social media is that you can meet and interact directly with people who have a requirement for your services, without any filters. By joining the relevant groups, you can find an audience that is willing to pay you for your services. Joining these groups and registering yourself as a professional with a social media page can help you acquire a lot of new business. You can find relevant groups on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that can help you get in touch with prospects very easily.

Comment, Like, Share

Engagement metrics will decide how you perform on social media. Without the right engagement level, it is impossible to make your mark amongst thousands of other similar businesses. Social media is more about outbound marketing than about the inbound aspects. Commenting, liking and sharing relevant posts (yours and otherwise) can help you acquire new customers easily.

Also, use social media trends to your advantage. Twitter and Facebook give you a list of trending hashtags on their feed. You can use this information and hashtags to post relevant and promotional content for your business with a trendy twist.

Make Your Social Media Share Buttons Accessible

Make sure that the social media share buttons on your website are accessible to the audience. Medium, for example, has an excellent way of ranking popular content using claps. With accessible buttons, people can share your content/services with others using a single click. Make sure that you have a Google+ profile for your company. Google will give it preference over other social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.

Following these tips and tricks will help you generate a lot of interest on the social media platforms in a relatively shorter period.