Read on to know how you can work like a pro from home during Coronavirus outbreak.

It’s been a week since I am working from home after the coronavirus outbreak. Being a designer and a consultant I have had a history of working from home ever since I graduated.

There’s exorbitant difference between a regular job and a remote job. When you work in an office, you have created a system for yourself. You know where you’ll be sitting, you know what time you’ll be having lunch, and when you’ll need that brisk walk break which highly unlikely in a WFH scenario.

To make it easier for you, I am sharing 7 tips that I have learned over the years which have helped me work efficiently from home.

  1. Have a Dedicated Workspace at Home
    I am not asking you to set up a home office but assign a corner or space in your room where you’ll spend 6-7 hours of your day working. A table to place your computer and an ergonomic chair which will help you keep a good posture while working is more than enough.
  2. Wear Active Clothes
    Having worked in my pyjamas at home and worked in my trousers, I have seen a tremendous difference in my productivity. Wearing the right clothes will instantly increase your energy while working from home.
  3. Breaks Are Important
    Taking 5-10 minutes break after every hour will keep you focused. It’s scientifically proven that taking a break is essential for higher productivity, energy, concentration, and efficiency, even when you’re working from home.
  4. Avoid Family Discussions
    It’s highly possible to get into an argument with your spouse when both of you are working from home. To avoid any kind of distraction and argument keep your personal matter aside until the end of the end. You wouldn’t want to drain your energy in an argument when you have an important call with a client.
  5. Creating That Environment
    It’s easy to lose our focus when there’s no one watching over you and you can do whatever you want. To avoid getting into that zone you can set up the workstation away from the TV. You can listen to the playlist or the podcast that you usually listen at work and get into the feel.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”


Working from home comes with responsibility but if you create a system for yourself at home then it can become a blessing.