Over the last one decade as an Executive Coach, I did have the opportunity to interact with many executives who had reached out to me saying that they were not happy about their job and dreaded going to the same place everyday for the next week, month and year.

However last week, when our team was discussing on this topic I wanted to know exactly how this was shaping up and put my team into the job of finding the exact numbers from my interaction. Data is gold and I was not surprised to know that about 8 % of the people with whom I had interacted over the years had only changed their jobs or become an entrepreneur.

Now I thought for a second as to what did happen to the 90 percentile of people who disliked their jobs, boss, company culture and just about everything. Why is that they are still going through the emotional pain of working for somebody even though they did have a deep aversion inside?

Yes, paycheck did play an important role. However I also think that most will suffer silently rather than take ownership of their future.

Let’s turn the clock back to the year 2010 and there I was, in the exact same position with a paycheck and a steady job in hand. I just took the leap of faith one day and quit my well meaning and paying job and began my own Entrepreneurial journey.

Even though most of the people I do speak on a regular basis do want to venture out on their own, very few leave the safety of the harbor. Some of the top reasons which I would like to highlight from my own experience interacting with executives just like you are as below …

Fear Of The Unknown

As a kid, I was fearful of the power cuts which were quite common during the days of no Inverters and Gensets.I used to be paranoid of sitting in the room without knowing which direction to go. Even though I have outgrown this fear now, I do come across so many people who still have the fear of the unknown deep in their head.

They would rather not take any action than walk into something which is not familiar. So, relate this to the aspect of leaving a job which they are not happy with and the same feelings do kick in.

In fact, I randomly picked up couple of people who had reached out to me over the years and did speak to them about why they had still not taken the leap of faith yet. Yes, you guessed it right. The fear of the unknown.

In this brilliant video, Olympia LePoint talks about how to overcome fear in 3 effective steps.

They Are Comfortable In Their Comfort Zone

Most of the people whom I did come across in the 90 percentile were averaging about 4-5 years in the present job and this is the time I personally feel the comfort zone factor does set in. Once you have begun to master office politics, have a decent relationship with your boss and management and have a solid team backing you up that is the comfort zone, my friend.

I always tell this to my clients and in my leadership programs “Your biggest growth is only outside your comfort zone and not in your comfort zone. So, if you are looking at breaking through this invisible shield, then do what ever you can physically and emotionally to break through this barrier.

One of my previous blogs focuses on why you could probably be holding yourself back from getting what you really want to.

They Are Overcommitted

When you are stretched thin for a fancy house, car and most of the other things which could have waited, then you are overcommitted. Most of the people have this playing in the mind, when they must decide of leaving a well-paid job. The question which they do ask themselves at a subconscious level is “Will they be able to sustain the same life style” if they move on to a new job?

Look, I am no saint when it comes to not indulging in some things in life for. However, overstretching myself is something which I never ever did nor will going forward. I know my limitations and will tread this area extremely carefully.

In fact, one of the reasons which made me take a Leap of faith when I quit my well-paying job was “I was not overcommitted” So if you are one, then it is time to work on what’s important and just focus on the 2-3 things which are important. Believe me, no one can do this for you except yourself.

They Do Not Want To Disappoint Others

When Radha Leela Swamy reached out to me early this year, she was someone who was heading a Global Technology division of a large MNC. She was young and had a brilliant career path in front of her. However, she was deeply disconnected with what she was doing because she did not feel that working in the technology line was her calling. She always wanted to become a Social Entrepreneur

So, my next question to Radha Leela Swamy was about what was stopping her from moving in that direction. Her answer just stumped me just like how it might to each one of you. She said, “Satish I do not want to disappoint my parents! They have sacrificed so much over the years in educating me and fueling all my dreams. They will be heartbroken if I just walk away from this great job which is paying me so well.”

Disappointing spouse, brothers, sons, daughters is something which I have heard many a time in my interactions with Executives and even business owners. if you are not letting go of the job which you are not enjoying because of others, then when are you going to do something for yourself??

They Are Stuck To Their Designations

Yes, a Vice President, Managing Director or even a Chief Executive officer is a great designation but what is the use if it is a job which you are not enjoying anymore? Just like how some people are materialistic and look at hoarding on to stuffs, there are quite a few people out there who are holding on to designations.

Remember that each one of you who are reading this blog is the Chief Executive Officer of your own life and no one will ever change that for you. So, step out there and let go of the safety of the harbor and sail into the sea. Yes, the sea will be rough but the journey will be worth taking.

I am a decade old in my own journey of living and doing the job which I am deeply passionate about. I would not be typing these words if I did not enjoy what I am doing even for a single minute. So, cut the chain which is holding you back and take the leap of faith to your dreams.

Originally published at satishrao.in