If you find yourself
experiencing a lack of energy throughout the day, you aren’t alone. Many of us will see
our energy levels dip as the day goes on.
However, there are five simple
methods that you can attempt to get those essential energy levels back on track, and all in next to no time.

1. Get an Early Night

First things first, if you don’t get a decent night’s sleep, you’ll immediately feel drained and lethargic as the day wears on.

Many a time, lack of energy is linked to not getting the right amount of sleep the night before. Think about how often you fall into bed late and then wake to feel grotty, having to plod on throughout the day.

Aim for around 8 hours per night, if you can, or note how many hours sleep you personally function better on.

Try: Clearing your schedule for a night and day. Fall asleep when you feel comfortably tired and wake the next day naturally. Note down for how many hours you slept peacefully and comfortably.

2. Get Out into The Fresh Air

A bit of time spent outdoors is an instant energy booster and does wonders for the immune system. Sunshine boosts our vitamin D levels, which in turn regulates our metabolism and insulin secretion.

It is often an instant mood lifter as well when you sit outside and take stock of the environment around you, perhaps taking in the cool breeze or merely listening to the birdsong.

The idea here is to stop and recharge those batteries for the next part of the day. This is essential if you’ve had a tough day so far and need to build your momentum back up again quietly.

Try: Make it a priority to get at least 30 minutes of outside time each day, particularly around mid-day, perhaps taking in an alfresco lunch?

3. Incorporate a Small Exercise Routine

It’s something experts tell us time and time again but incorporating some daily exercise into your routine can work magic for your energy levels!

This doesn’t mean a strenuous spin class crammed in during a work break. It can, in fact, be anything as simple as a gentle stroll through the park at lunchtime, walking the dog around the block or even attempting a stretching session.

When we exercise, we get our heart pumping and pump more oxygen, as well as essential nutrients, into our bloodstream. This means our lungs and our cardiovascular system works better and ultimately makes us feel more energized as a result.

Try: Making a routine to do some form of fun exercising for at least three times a week and around 30 minutes per day. Better still, break that session down into 10-minute intervals, spread throughout the day, to keep your enthusiasm up!

4. Set Your Work Time into Manageable Chunks

Regardless of the work role you perform, whether working in an office, factory, shop or from home, you need to ensure you can get up and move about and break for a short amount of time each time.

The point here is that no one can concentrate working on one task solidly in one block for more than 90 minutes. The brain effectively starts to shut off at this point, and your attention span has already left long before this!

By breaking things up into manageable sections, you can increase your productivity and get up and move when you do break, that way encouraging the oxygen to flow through your body.

Try: Consider setting the timer for each task you do and then stopping for a break when it goes off. The POMODORO technique is perfect for this type of job.

5. Consider Making Your Own Energy Juice Drinks

One way of instantly obtaining a quick boost of energy is by juicing! For example, a masticating Omega juicer takes all the juices from fruit and vegetables and creates a deliciously refreshing drink packed full of nutrients.

These drinks get to work in the body straight away and immediately perk you up, ridding of that sluggish feeling as they do so. They also work on both improving physical power as well as brain power!

Perfect for home or work use, green vegetable choices are the best for maximizing energy. They also work more effectively if you can incorporate them throughout the day, thus keeping your energy levels more stabilized.

Tip: Next time you find yourself reaching for a fizzy drink or a coffee to perk up your energy
levels, why not stop and opt to juice a handful of some of your favorite fruits
or veg instead?