It’s been said before that if you own a business, you need to have a blog. And, I couldn’t agree more.

Because in order to get people to buy your product/service, they need to know that you even exist. The more people who know that you exist, generally the more customers you will have. In order for lots and lots of people to know that you exist, you need to be searchable on Google. And, in order to be searchable on Google, you need to have a blog.

But, that’s the conventional reason to have a blog: own a business===> want to make money ===> need lots of customers who know who you are and what you do ===> start a blog.

1- A platform to vent and be yourself.

Sure, you can vent/rant/get your message out there on social media, but doing it via a blog is different.

Mainly because your blog audience wants to hear you. They can relate to your message. And, they are cheering you on as you tell it.

Which is completely different than preaching on Facebook about “#thisisreallife with little kids” to your uncle, your car mechanic, and some random guy you haven’t seen or spoken to since high school. #crickets

Validation and relatability is everything when it comes to healing, helping, and serving. And, an audience who cares about your message gives you exactly that.

2- You get to tell yourself that your followers really, really care about your personal life.

And actually, they probably do.

For example, we recently got two kitties. Cue: “Awwwwww!!!!!” And of course, I had to make a special announcement via email to my followers!

Your followers are vested in you and they want to hear about your life. Which is pretty cool.

3- Writing is therapeutic.

A couple of years ago I began journaling as a form of personal development and self-care. Eventually, I decided to throw some of my journaling into blog posts. Boom. A blog was born!

It wasn’t a great blog, and it has come a long way. But, it really was that simple.

The topics of my blog posts are not only to help those who follow me, but also to help myself work through my own challenges. It’s a win-win.

4- Make money from sharing your favorite things!

Uh, no brainer right here. Now that I have a legit blog, I can sign up to be an affiliate for many of the everyday items/courses/programs/products that I use and love.

Since I am recommending these items all the time anyway (i.e. “Where did you get that sweater? What is your favorite Yoga mat? What book should I read next?” are just a few questions I’ve gotten recently…)

Now with a website and a blog, I can direct people to an affiliate link and thus make commission from my recommendations. #winning Well, as long as I don’t turn around and spend that money on more of that stuff that I really love. Which is what I may or may not do. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh….

5- Team up with your favorite brands/people and actually talk to & meet them!

Basicallyyyyyyyyyyyy, every person/brand/influencer/company that I LOVE, I contact and see if we can work out a collaboration somehow.

Sometimes it’s simply an interview or a guest blog post. (During which I am fangirling like crazy, OF course!) Other times it is them sending me free stuff or paying me commission or giving me a discount to promote their brand to my people. (Think how the NFL players have paid contracts to simply wear certain athletic brands. Same concept, smaller scale.)

Not only am I getting paid, but getting a response back from people and companies that I love and admire NEVER gets old!

Warning: just because you have a blog doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting paid.

Before I started my own blog, I thought blogging equaled having a business which equaled making money… Wrong! What a bummer!

What I did learn was that starting a blog was a form of marketing so that I could get traffic to my site and convert that traffic into customers and affiliate income.

It’s also important to know that blogging is generally more of a long-term strategy as it takes time to build your following and find your niche. So, anyone who tells you that you can get rich quick by starting a blog, you can pretty much know that they are either lying or wrong.

But, blogging has helped me grow myself and my business. It has opened many doors, given me cool opportunities. It is something that I love to do and I think you will too.

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