In today’s current climate of experiencing a global pandemic, economic recession, unemployment on the rise, social unrest, travel restrictions, limitations on large gatherings (including worship services), unexpected deaths, and masks as new normal, little could have prepared us busy working moms, now homeschooling for what we are currently facing.

As a wife, working mom, entrepreneur, teacher, woman of Faith and human, saying this year has been a bit much would be a gross understatement. My faith encourages me to believe and have hope that God has a plan, and that goodness will flow from this, even if we don’t see it yet today. I am reminded of a passage of scripture that says all things work together for good. Even during these times of unprecedented stress, loss, fear, grief, and uncertainty, I find there is still a light and much to be grateful for. I have found joy in priceless moments of connection and quality time with my daughter who now at 8 years old seems to be growing up faster than I thought possible and felt time had been advancing forward. I’ve experienced moments of deeper love, connection and support with my husband. I’ve experienced joy and gratitude in new and existing personal and professional relationships. I’ve also found peace in practicing a better self care regimen and establishing systems for myself that will produce a healthier lifestyle, body, soul, and mind.

I’ve learned the importance of establishing a personal success system for yourself as a key to not just getting through the day, but truly WINNING your day.

There is much to be said about surviving the day, surviving a storm, but a different sentiment when you not only endure but conquer the day, energized and excited about what lies ahead in the next. I’ve found this is possible when taking a few key steps that I’ve outlined below. My wish is that those who read this article find hope that their days can go from bad to better, better to solid, solid to good, good to great, great to downright amazing, and/or beyond amazing.

Here are my five keys to winning the day and maintaining my sanity during times like those we live in. I encourage you to comment with your keys to winning your day or share which speaks most to you.

1.  Purpose. Maintain a clear sense of purpose for my own life and work. 

Having a clear sense of purpose for me means understanding my higher purpose and responding to the question of why I believe I’ve been put here on this earth by God during this specific time and space. This is important because it helps me maintain perspective on those things that matter most, letting go of those things that matter less. I believe as you seek purpose, you receive a higher vision for your life that gives you a goal that can focus every other area of your life. I go into more detail about this in my book, The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber. 

2. Peace. Maintain and protect your peace of mind daily. 

For me this one is super important. This is a simple shift that yields powerful results in both your life and work. Maintaining and protecting your peace for me means not engaging in anything for extended periods that drains my energy, distracts my focus, creates feelings of fear or anxiety, and in general is just unhealthy. For me, this means not involving my energy in conversations or experiences that at the heart only result in frustration, negativity, hopelessness or end without resolve. There was a time I could handle it, but now it has become crucial to protect my space from negativity and any other culprit that would attempt to sabotage my peace. 

3.  Priorities. Maintain clear priorities daily. 

Setting clear priorities requires establishing values and goals that align to your bigger vision and purpose. For me, making a list, writing it down, as Santa Clause says, “checking it twice”, helps me see what the priorities are, and what the non-priorities are for the day. My list has gotten much simpler and sometimes includes the daily reminders such as eat lunch with my daughter, make sure she gets showered and dressed, decide on dinner, etc. What has helped me in making my list has been to make a laundry list of everything I would love to accomplish, perhaps 20-30 tasks that could (will) take much longer than a day to complete, then going back to start with the most arduous or non-negotiable task first. Eventually, I accomplish at least 75-80% of what’s written and find progress being made. The key with the list is exercising discipline and a commitment to finish, or accomplish the highest priority each day. I’ve learned to accept what is and no longer anguish over what “should” be. That’s been my key to avoiding the perfectionism trap, and giving myself a bit of grace and kindness. 

4.  Prayer. Maintain a consistent prayer life. 

For me, prayer has always been a lifeline. I’ve learned it matters how you pray, the words you say, but most importantly what’s in your heart and the belief that connects to your prayer. During this time, I’ve found myself reminding myself of the scriptures of God’s promises, and actively professing those promises over our lives. Each night my husband and I pray with our daughter and I’ve found even her prayers express gratitude for protection, safety, family, goodness, and other things that even she’s noticing. It’s important for us that we model having a relationship with God but that we also give her the space to develop her own and practice praying out loud. 

5.  Patience. Maintain a healthy philosophy and perspective about patience. 

In a world where we thrive on instant gratification and immediate results, remember some things just simply take time. The key is to maintain being present for the moment , and making the commitment to release the past, enjoy the present, and prepare for the future. Holding on to the past, missing out on the opportunities of the present, and wishing for a brighter future won’t progress your life forward. It will successfully frustrate you and those around you. I’ve learned it takes developing the right mindset, cultivating the right relationships,  and focusing on the right things to enjoy the highest quality of life, even during less than perfect times. 

I encourage you to take this list, and add your personal keys for winning the day to it. May your days be filled with Love, Joy, Purpose, Progress, Patience and Mental Clarity. commitment, and purpose.

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