Stressed Out Employee

Stress interferes with employees in all lines of work, but it can be a particular barrier for contractors in the construction business. According to a survey, 84% of those polled believe stress is contributing to poor retention levels in their industry. Check out 5 ways contractors can manage stress in 2020:

1) Manage Workload

As a construction worker, work ethic is one of your most ingrained ideals. So much so that you may be dealing with workplace overload. While a strong work ethic can produce positive outcomes both financially and socially, it can also wear down your health and even lead you to poor performance. Making sure you take time for vacations to tend to your own health can keep you performing great.

2) Define Goals & Responsibilities

Working with management can be stressful, but is important that there are clearly defined goals and responsibilities for each contractor. Not only does it increase workplace morale but it also improves worker performance. If you are unclear about your goal or have failed to make your goals clear to employees, 2020 is the time to iron it out.

3) Utilize Technology

In modern times, technology can assist contractors in so many different ways. It helps you deal with customers, colleagues, and also manage projects. If used properly, technology can help define goals for each worker and also increase efficiency with projects, allowing for more time with family after work.

4 ) Save Money

Being a contractor is difficult but it also comes with its perks — that’s if you know how to take advantage of them. Lots of hardware stores will offer bulk discounts to contractors, and even national suppliers like Home Depot will provide a program that is financially beneficial.

5) Foster Relationships

Having an amenable relationship with your bosses and co-workers is very important in managing stress. When you find your work environment to be at least manageable, you are far less likely to bring home negativity and allow it to impact other aspects of your life.