how to show appreciation relationship

Ask any relationship expert and they’ll tell you that showing appreciation is essential to a healthy relationship.

That why when I wanted to begin working on my marriage, I started with small ways that I could show my affection. Now, the actions I looked for had to be cheap or free and fairly easy to pull off. After all, we have three kids and two jobs between us. Most nights we don’t have the energy for a full-on conversation, let alone a grand gesture of appreciation.

But, it’s been months and I’ve been working these in where I can. I’m happy to say that I HAVE noticed a difference. Not only does it bring him joy, but it makes me happy too. I also notice that he reciprocates often in doing thoughtful things for me now as well.

1. I Thank Him For the Little Things

This one may sound easy, but the truth is that we take a lot of the things our partner does for granted. I’ve made a point to thank him for at least one thing he does for me every day, and in doing so I’ve noticed how incredibly lucky I am to have him. It’s been a win-win.

2. I Tell Him Why I Love Him

I created this free printable for reasons why I love you and filled it out for our Anniversary. And I’ve also been trying to be better and expressing what it is I love about our relationship as a whole.

3. I Buy Him Small Things He Likes

Now, when I go to the store, I try to pick up at least one thing that I know my husband enjoys. This is a very small action on my part but I’ve noticed that his face lights up when he notices that special something that’s just for him.

4. We Kiss Before Work

Before Covid, this was an everyday habit for us. When we both began working from home, the daily kiss went away without us even realizing it.

But one day, I was feeling disconnected and wondering when we had last touched, and I realized that the daily kiss we used to share hadn’t occurred in months. It was a good place to start. In my eyes, the kiss represents the start of a new day together and the appreciation we feel to have the other person in it.

5. We Scheduled Small Adventures Together

Finally, we spent New Years week this year planning and scheduling small adventures throughout the coming year. We knew that what gets scheduled gets done.

As tired parents, we’ve both been yearning to experience life outside of our walls more. So, we scheduled an easy Anniversary weekend, small family camping outings, and even a larger trip to the beach. All of these give us something to look forward to, but also play into a bigger conversation:

We appreciate the work that we are each putting into our lives and want to make play, connection, and love a bigger priority moving forward.

In Conclusion

These don’t seem like much but I have noticed an overall deepening of affection, respect, and connection. It really is true that it’s the small consistent things we do daily that matter most. Exotic vacations and once in a lifetime adventures are awesome! But in the end, what makes or breaks your relationship is how you interact with each other on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.

So, what habits are you utilizing to make your relationship great? Are there any habits that are holding you back? Leave a comment and let us know!