In today’s modern era where most of our time is spent on electronic devices, it has become immensely important to focus on our digital well-being.

The term ‘digital well-being’ is used to describe the concept that when humans interact with technology, the resultant experience should support mental/physical health in a measurable way.

Of course, continuous usage of gadgets can have its negative effects but in this article, we are going to focus on the positive ones.

1. Controlled screen time can decrease stress

Due to a heavy workload, a lot of people tend to stare at their computers for unusually long hours. This can easily increase the strain on their eyes and reduce physical activity. As a result, stress & anxiety can build up.

On the flip side, if we are able to control our screen time, we can easily get stuff done. One way to control the screen time is to take small breaks as needed. Doing some sort of physical exercise can also help in this regard.

2. Limiting notifications can reduce distractions

Our attention span has gone down exponentially over the course of the last few years. This is because we get bombarded with lots of things trying to catch our attention. Whether it be social media or different apps on your phone, they can easily snitch your attention away.

If we limit the notifications during our work hours, we can drastically improve our productivity. This feature comes built-in by default on modern devices and can be enabled within a few steps.

3. Supporting healthy sleep patterns can boost productivity

The latest smartphones and smartwatches can track the amount of sleep you get every day. This data can be then utilized to give you personalized suggestions about your sleep schedule.

This can actually help you to get proper sleep and help your body in rejuvenating the heart, brain, and skin. Sleep also plays a major role in boosting the reproduction of cells that are involved in brain repair. All of this can positively affect your productivity.

4. Tracking physical activities can also help

Many smartphone companies have added new features through which users can track their physical activities such as walking, jogging, cycling. etc. This has encouraged more users to try these features out and maintain a healthy lifestyle while balancing it with their professional life.

Being healthy can increase your productivity and this same thing is also being promoted in major corporations.

5. Nutrition-related apps can suggest healthy food

There are tons of apps that can help you eat healthy by suggesting some healthy alternatives to fast foods. You just have to input your preferred diet and you’re good to go.

These apps use Machine Learning to analyze your data to give you surprisingly good suggestions that you’ll actually love to eat.

Having a proper healthy meal has its own benefits. One of them being – increase in productivity. It certainly doesn’t hurt to try such apps for your digital well-being, does it?