Internet is changing our world

While most of us are looking for new jobs to fulfill the dreams of our families, the internet is fulfilling the dreams of the whole world.

Yes, I am saying this on behalf of my years of experience in the online working world and I have been working online to fulfill my dreams.

Today, I have received an email regarding an opportunity to write for ThriveGlobal and here to discuss how the internet is changing the way we live.

In my views:

1. We are more connected

Internet is changing our world

The Internet is making us more connected.

These apps are making it possible for us:

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Email services

The things we can use today were not even in the dreams of people from the past.

I am talking about the people living in 1900 and 1800 and beyond them. We are enjoying all of internet and thinking that it’s not new.

But, when we talk to a person with at least 80-90 years of age, he tells that this is the future he even hasn’t dreamed of.

How we are more connected now?

We use email and social media networking apps to chat and talk with our friends and family members.

We are using many apps and software to meet with our clients and we are working virtually with getting digital orders and providing digital services.

All of these platforms are connecting us with the whole world from one device in our hands and there’s nothing like sending a person to another area.

What we do is just send an email or a message over a social media app and that’s it.

2. We are more Secure

Internet is changing our world

Really? are we more secure with internet?

Yes, we are more secure with the internet as it’s our buddy in most of the situations and can really save one’s life.

These inventions are making it possible for us:

  • GPS
  • Live Maps
  • Safety apps

Just think for a while that you are out of the town and suddenly forget the address of your destination, what you will do?

Nobody will tell you a quick and easiest way to reach your desired area.

You can just open the Maps app in your mobile and put your destination there, it will show you the exact path.

If you are still not able to find an exact location or path, you can ask your friends on social media apps.

How easy is this?

GPS in Maps can help you understand where you are standing right now and from that location, you can drag and find the exact location of your destination.

3. We can shop from home

Internet is changing our world

While we can make money online, the most exciting and satisfying thing with internet is we can easily shop from our homes.

These platforms are making easy for us:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Google search

There’s no need for going to market and then start exploring the outlets to find your desired product or item.

You can just open a shopping app or website and then type the product name or go to the category of that particular item you want to buy and find your item.

Now you don’t have to pay, just get the item in your digital cart and order it with COD (cash on delivery) option.

In some time you will receive your package and then you can pay the price on your door-step.

That’s cool, isn’t?

4. More entertainment

Internet is changing our world

With internet, there’s no limit on watching movies, listening to music or playing games.

You don’t have to pay a penny for doing all of the entertaining things, as there are big platforms for almost every entertainment category.

You can watch music videos and all of the other entertaining videos on free video-sharing platforms and these are the platforms which are making it possible:

  • YouTube
  • Play store on Android and App Store on iOS
  • Others

There are also many video-sharing social networks like TikTok and more, which are really interesting and make you happy.

5. Raising voice

Internet is changing our world

Who said that raising voice against a bad moment or decision and anything else is not possible?

Now, its the easiest thing and everybody with an internet connection can raise voice against child abuse, sexual harassment, child labor and almost everything else.

You don’t have to use a specific app for raising a voice, all you have to do is just speak up and record a video.

Now upload that video to your social media profiles and videos sharing websites.

People will interact with you and will share your video. You can also get help from online organizations to help you raise voice against whatever you think is not good for humanity.

Final words

Well, this is just a dot of the internet and there are billions of benefits which we can get just by using the internet and playing in an online world.

There are millions of opportunities and we can create our empire online.

The Internet is now really changing the way we live and talk or meet.

Just sit back and think for a while, you will find hundreds of reasons why internet is important and how it is changing our lives.

Thanks for the read.

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