1)Mindset and what we perceive as valuable

Our mindset is automated to perceive us as society demands.

And although it’s not wrong by any means, some of us don’t want to belong in a herd, we rather be ourselves and be free of those invisible chains that society tries to impose on our lives.

As a result, it’s not quite acceptable to be different or to change our mindset in our own direction.

Mainly, my goal is for you to value everything. That’s the first step to change your mindset.

When I say everything is literally everything. Your daily routine, your bathroom, your typical meal, your conversations with everyone.

Even despair, even pain. It all has value. And if you value all those things, what can go wrong? First and foremost it means you are here and not drifting elsewhere. And that’s a positive.

As you begin your journey to change your life, your mindset, your perspective, you have to change the little things. Noticed how many times I used “your”?

You control everything, there’s no boss in here, there’s nothing besides you to change everything within your beautiful being. You are here. Living. Breathing.

2) What stops you from being happy?

Now, zoom in. In short, way beyond your typical thought process. In other words, what makes you unhappy?

Firstly, I want you to write down your frustrations, what gives you pain (please, don’t mention your epic falls on the street or the hangovers, ok?), what makes you unable to enjoy life.

Purchase a notebook and write everything. As time goes by you’ll check whatever you wrote and see at what stage you currently are. As a result, you’ll know what you need to change, right? That’s good.

Likewise, I’ve done that because I’ve been in that spot and I would probably guess some of your problems, consequently you can change all that because I’ve been doing it. It’s challenging, so it’s good. Who doesn’t like a good challenge?

3) What do you want to change?

Once you name all your demons I want you to write the changes that you would love to make on your life, even the smallest ones, in order to evolve your way of thinking. Therefore, your mind will shift toward something positive.

Subsequently, your passions are next in order. Yes, you’ll access what gives you motivation, what would you be able to carry through with no boredom or misery involved.

Also, there are some little things that I want you to approach and change within the concepts of your life, all right? Firstly, upgrade the quality of your thoughts. To clarify, think less negatively.

As we all know, it’s way easier to fall down the well in a spiral of negativity, it’s even comfortable. Therefore, we need to have the urge to fight it, to search for the light at the end of the tunnel, to find some joy in everything we do in all these banalities that appear on a daily basis in our lives.

4) Be weird

In the same vein, be yourself. It’s the biggest and most used cliché ever, and although it’s being misused, it’s still the main idea to achieve happiness.

However, the hardship to attain such pure milestone is, most of the times, soul-wrecking. Why? It’s simple: we are easily influenced by our environment. That is to say, our friends, our family, our colleagues, our country, our neighborhood, everything.

Therefore, to be yourself at the fullest is really fucking hard. Our parents always want the best for us, but don’t have the perspective to see the bigger picture.

It’s so ironic: when we were kids, we ought by our parents to read the most known fairytales, to fantasize, to dream, to be weird and be everything that we truly wanted to be. As we grow up, it’s a gradual process of oblivion.

The kid that wanted to be an astronaut erased that dream to chase some boring career that makes him miserable. We are lead by the most powerful book ever written: “How to be a normal adult”, by Society. So, burn that book, run away from the doors of imprisonment and write your own. It’s going to be okay, relax.

5) Be kind

We as humans judge a lot, we love talking about other people’s lives. How good is it to shut your brain for a while, don’t stress about our own selves and just comment on everybody’s lives? Awesome. I know, I know.

But, we should be less “human” and be more human. What do I mean? Value people. Praise, compliment. Do you know the power of a compliment? It’s huge. I’m not talking about scripted compliments that are used on Instagram. I’m talking about pure and honest compliments.

Even the smallest one can give motivation. I’m really tired of people always joking and never valuing their friends and families. We all do it because it’s way easier to joke compared to give a heartfelt compliment.

Be a helper, don’t judge. Basically, the main idea behind being kind is to understand that you don’t know shit about other people lives. Therefore, how can you judge their actions?

What made them do whatever you think they did wrong could have a reason beyond your assumptions. And instead of listening with the purpose to answer about you, just listen to help someone, just listen to hear somebody’s story. Control your ego. Be kind.

We live in the golden era of opportunities so grab them. Every day, we have 24 hours to progress, to achieve something. Small steps count for something. Set small goals, don’t settle.

In other words, if you want a castle, you should go brick by brick, and at the end of the year, you’ll have 365 bricks. That’s the process and the most important thing. What joy would you have if instead of climbing the mountain you would be dropped at the top of it? None. The process counts and makes us happy.