Few people acknowledge the power of self-acceptance. That is really disappointing taking into account the opportunities it carries. Once you master it you feel better, more relaxed and independent.

So how can you do it? Here are 5 steps you can use to achieve self-acceptance.


The thing with meditation is you have to be consistent. If you are not willing to spend at least 20 minutes a day for a period of a few months, don’t even get into it. But if you do it you will see the benefits of meditation are countless. With time you will reduce all negative thoughts you have about yourself and the world. This is really important because they are actually the once that stand in your way of self-acceptance. After the first few weeks you will notice how comfortable you feel with yourself, no matter where you go and what you experience. You will regain control over your decisions, meaning you will not be a victim of your circumstances anymore. You won’t attract negative people’s vibes so easily and you will definitely be more emotionally stable.

I highly recommend beginning with guided meditations. If you don’t know where to start, no problem. Use this channel: TheHonestGuys

2. Remove all that is distracting you from yourself

Nowadays many people don’t realize we live in a constantly stimulating addictive environment. What do I mean? Drugs, cigars and alcohol are not the only addictions. We have the Internet. Don’t get me wrong. The Internet is a wonderful place, however, if you use it wisely. With all the social networks this seems increasingly difficult. Take the time you spend on Facebook for example. All this time you run from yourself to focus on other people’s life. Thus you trade your the time for yourself for socializing with Facebook “friends”. Constantly seeking ways to stimulate your brain hurts your self-acceptance process like nothing else. I know it’s difficult but try to remove all distractions. Spend some time alone. Go on a walk, have a nice dinner with your family, pick a book, drink some water.

Here’s an article I wrote about Facebook that might help you: http://improvingnation.com/5-rea…

3. Appreciate all you have done in life so far

I am sure you are an awesome person with awesome life. You have achieved a lot and you surely have experienced amazing things. Take some time to appreciate all of this. Embrace the paths you took, the places you reached and the summits you conquered. Be thankful for everything you have – your family, your house, your health. I am sure you have survived a lot of bullshit so be happy about it and acknowledge the greatness you carry.

4. Forgive yourself

You might have done things in life you are not proud of. Guess what? We all have! Don’t let them drag you down. Instead accept them and move on. You are not the person you once were and dwelling on your past versions will only harm your inner-peace. Forgive yourself for all the negative thoughts, memories and actions. Feel the freedom that comes with it. You are this present moment. Not the scenarios running in your head. So cut off every fictional story in your mind distancing you from yourself and embrace the moment.

5. Don’t take yourself so seriously

Last but not least you should have a sense of humor. In this tough world you are lost without it. Remember that everything you are experiencing is temporary. Don’t get too caught up in the “complexity” of life. Remember it’s all a game and you are a player. Allowing yourself to make mistakes is essential to achieving self-acceptance. Just as everything else in this article. 

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