Our country is shedding tears on the loss of her children. The pandemic has hit us hard and the lack of preparation is evident from the masses of pyres lighting up to free the souls of our loved ones. During the lockdown, our sanity is taking a turn for the worse.

Mental health is deteriorating and one can only do so much to keep it intact.

I am an introvert person! Yes, I know what a shocker, a person who creates content and videos openly is shy. Yet, I am quite skilled at keeping sound mental health and beat the blues of the lockdown period. Today I’ll be sharing the 5 ways in which I maintain good vibes and a healthy mindset.

1.Meditation Is The Key

Meditation is a very underrated method of concentration. Prominent coaches all over the world preach different ways of meditation to promote a healthy lifestyle. Different methods of meditation include mindfulness meditation, spiritual meditation, movement meditation, or focused meditation. The advancement in technology has also lead to the creation of meditation apps like Calm and Headspace. You can clear your head of all the things that are irksome by meditation and start the day as a clean slate.

2.Maintain A Routine, Don’t Get Sloppy

Maintaining a routine with utter discipline helps to keep you occupied and organized. If you used to wake up at 5 a.m. before lockdown, do not break the cycle now. Have a hearty breakfast, get started on your work, and study. Don’t let gloominess occupy you. Be keen on improving and getting better at your job or goals.

3. Maintain A Positive Mindset

“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.”– Shannon L. Alder

A truly enlightening quote that focuses on the impact of a positive mindset on life and surroundings. A positive mindset will elevate your moods and help fight against any negative impact, depression, and other things which pose an adverse reaction on the mind and body. Optimism and positivity are integrated and your life will turn around once you start practicing it.

4. Practice What You Love

If the lockdown has brought one good thing for us; It is time. We all have a significant amount of time on our hands, as we don’t have to spend hours getting ready or commuting to our workplace. Now, it depends on you if you sit idle or create something of substance from this time. For me, I decided the latter, I created a thriving freelance career in a lockdown time and it is going well so far.

5.Spend Time With Your Family

Before this pandemic, our lives were huddled with daily work and meetings. We could hardly sit down with our parents or siblings and have a delightful chat or cook our favorite childhood dishes. We have been given one more chance to experience this bliss from our prior days; So, let’s cherish it and keep the zeal and zest of our household alive! Cook your favorite dish with your mother or play games with your siblings. Life is what we make of it and right now we need to make it happy.

I hope you smiled while reading this! Let’s pledge to keep our family safe and pray for the ones who are suffering. Defeating this evil is not a tedious task if we stand united and block away from the blues of this disaster. Start with one step every day and before you know it, your frown will be turned upside down!