Somewhere mid Sunday afternoon, a feeling of gloom and dread knocks on my shoulder. Racking my brain, I wonder… am I missing something? Do I need to call someone back? Was I supposed to be somewhere? Do I feel guilty because I didn’t go to church? Then I realize, the anxiety and sadness that I’m feeling is because it’s Sunday and the freedom of my weekend is almost over. Tomorrow is dare I say it , Monday!

What a difference a day makes.

Monday means focus, back to reality, the end of fun and games. Aargh!! If you dread Mondays, try these tips:

1.Make it a Mindful Monday. When you wake up on Monday morning, give yourself ten minutes to relax, breathe and visualize how you want your week to be. Capture the moment with one word and think about that word throughout your day.

2. Attitude is everything. Be determined to maintain a positive mindset. Yes, a Monday can signal the end to a terrific weekend but it’s also the start to a new and possibly amazing week. Reframe any negative thinking by asking yourself, “What’s another way to look at what I’m thinking?”

3. Sleep well on Sunday night. Make a concerted effort to get a good night’s rest. Minimize alcohol on Sunday. Alcohol can interrupt normal sleep patterns and contribute to restlessness. Go to bed at a decent time which allows you to wake up rested.

4. Schedule “Fun-time” mid week. Give yourself something to look forward to. It should be easy, low-cost and fit into your purpose. Go for a walk, visit a gallery or pencil in 30 minutes to read a book or connect with an old friend. Enjoy your time.

5. Create a “If.., Then Monday Plan”. Write down three of your usual Monday blue thoughts and/or feelings. Now come up with easy solutions to remedy them. For example, If I feel blue on Monday, I will put on my feel good red shoes”

Mondays don’t have to give you the blues. Be optimistic and plan to have a terrific week. After all, the weekend is only days away.

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