Society has made us all become so obsessed with body image. We often time beat ourselves up about how we look to the point we cause severe damage emotionally. When our emotions are damaged, our body responds accordingly. It is a vicious cycle of hate and shame. This cycle needs to be stopped in order for healing and real long-lasting weight loss to occur.

I want to explain to you how all your thoughts, feelings and emotions all effect our body. Everyone is generally aware of how stress effects the body in many negative ways. Our general thoughts are that it is just daily stress of work, money and our relationships. It goes so much deeper than that. Did you know that every single ailment in the body stems from something in our etheric body?

What is our etheric body?  In Sanskrit, this subtle body called etheric is referred to as “linga sarira”. This means we have a twin of our physical body. It is the lowest level of our human energy field. Most people hear it referred to as our aura. Our aura can shift minute by minute depending upon our thoughts, moods or what we even eat. Have you ever had an aura photo taken? If you haven’t, and you ever see one out at a store or festival, take advantage of it. It can be super rewarding. Aura Photography reads all the different levels of the emotional body starting from the etheric, going on up to the emotional, celestial and casual body.

Just by changing your emotions, certain colors can change right in front of you on the reading. This is actual scientific proof that all our thoughts DO reflect in the body. We can use this amazing power of shifting our thoughts to heal the body as well.

Our etheric body listens to everything we think and feel about life, but especially about ourselves. We are our own worst critic. There is a wonderful book called Heal Your Body, by Louis Hay. It goes over just about every illness and injury and what emotion in the etheric manifests into the physical body.

For Example… Probable emotional cause for “Being Overweight” is Fear, need for protection. Running away from the feelings. Insecurity, self-rejection. Seeking fulfillment.

A positive thought pattern that you can help to shift this is:
I am at peace with my own feelings. I am safe where I am. I create my own security. I love and approve of myself.

So, how do we change our deep-rooted thoughts and feelings to break these old programing’s?

5 Ways We Can Learn To Love Ourselves & Break the Body Image Program

  1. Stop buying or looking at beauty magazines like Vouge, Allure, Cosmo, ect. These are designed to keep us hating ourselves because we don’t look the way that the models do. And for the record many of these models are Photoshopped and airbrushed and do not look the way they do in print whatsoever.
  2. Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. Who gives a crap what other people are doing. Be a rebel, be free, make people want to be like you instead! Most people don’t care how you look, and if they do, then you may want to find a new group that isn’t into self-hating.
  3. Love yourself for who you are and what you look like right now. Don’t keep saying, I will look so much better when I lose some weight. By keeping this mindset you are telling yourself that you are broken. You are not broken! You are exactly perfect and beautiful the way that you are right now in this very moment.
  4. Find things that feed your soul. Make a nice dinner or treat yourself out. Go dancing, meditate, take a bath, do some yoga, go to a movie alone, walk in nature.
  5. Love on yourself! Look at yourself in the mirror starting with 5 minutes a day and tell yourself that you love yourself and your body JUST the way it is right this very moment. Say it with love, honor and respect as if you would want someone to say it to you. Try saying the positive thought patterns listed above if you are feeling overweight.