How To Calm Your Anxious mind

Anxiety is the worst enemy of a human being. The anxiety forces you to make some coherent decisions that aren’t good for your future. It makes you feel overwhelmed in small situations and surges panic attacks. But, unfortunately, today’s lifestyle has been triggering the problem of anxiety a lot. 

Thus, a person needs to learn a way to calm down his or her anxious mind and find a trick to stay sane during stressful situations. So, lately, if you have been feeling stressed a lot, then you can calm your anxiety level by trying a few tricks. 

1. Be Optimistic 

Anxiety is usually a fragmentation of your negative thoughts and future speculation. Like, after giving exams, your anxiety level hikes up with the uncertain negative speculations such as – you might not pass the exam, what will happen if you don’t pass, etc., Now, here if you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones like you will pass and you will get good grades. This way your mind will stay calm and all your anxieties won’t hurt you for the time being because the future is always uncertain, but you should not ruin your present with the negative speculation of the future.

2. Mull of your Thoughts 

Whenever a thought or situation raises your anxiety level, then you should not immediately take any action. You need to spend some time with your thoughts and play all the different scenarios in your mind – how your actions will impact your life. Once you have good thinking, then you will become comfortable with your thoughts and you won’t be much anxious to act. After analyzing your thoughts, you will get clarity and you won’t make wrong decisions. So, when anxiety strikes, then avoid making any harsh decisions instantly without having a good think. 

3. Focus on Experience 

Our mind is a very fragile part of our body that takes pressure from our negative past. If you have a traumatic experience in your life, then your body might forget that experience after some time, but your poor mind never forgets that. Your mind will relate all your present experiences with your negative past and make anxiety to resurface. So, the best way to calm your mind when past traumas won’t let you move is to focus on your present experience. If your present experiences with the same thing are better, then don’t let your negative thoughts mislead you. Just make decisions based on present experiences. It will also help to boost self confidence in yourself. 

4. Broaden your Spectrum

When you are panicking over a thing or situation, then you need to broaden your spectrum so that you aren’t just focusing on one aspect of the story. You need to think that if you stop thinking about all the negative things, then the situation might not be that bad. You can overcome your anxiety only when you start thinking from different sides. If you have covered all the negative impacts of a situation, then start listing down all the positive things that a particular situation can bring in your life. When you start thinking from different angles, then you will notice that your anxiety level is slowly starting to get normal. So, think about everything, not just one part. 

5. Get Set Go

Okay, so if you have listed all the pros and cons and revised them a hundred times, then just stop doing that. You need to start taking action once you have to spend decent time with your thoughts. Worrying over an issue without creating a solution will not help you solve the problem. It may, in fact, make you less likely to act by feeding your anxiety. So, when your mind is going into the same loop again and again, then it’s time to stop thinking and start taking actions because too much thinking will only fuel your anxiety. 

It is not easy to control your anxiety, but if you want to stay sane and healthy, then you have to try. Controlling your mind needs dedication and lots of work, but if you pull that off, then as an end result will be in your favor.