There have been studies done on the effects of movement and mental health. You know you should not sit around all day watching television or playing video games. You need to move around to keep limber and to help maintain your overall health. One thing you can do is to dance. Here are ten reasons to get up and shake your booty.

1. Depression buster

Dancing, whether you are waltzing, rapping, or twirling, has a positive effect on your brain. You release endorphins which help lighten your mood. Moving around can help boost you out of a depressive state. Moving around will lighten your load and dancing is a fun way to move. You can shake out the depression with some good hip moves or feel it flowing out of your body as you lift your arms and pirouette across the floor.

2. Express yourself

Sometimes it is hard for people suffering from mental illness to express themselves and how they are feeling. Dance offers the ability to express innermost thoughts out in the open without any danger of oppression or repercussion. Dancing helps you to feel your way through difficult emotions and anger. Expressing what is bottled up inside can help you become more mentally fit.

3. Help counteract Social Anxiety Disorder

Dancing in front of an audience will help to reduce anxiety disorders. You can dance for an audience and be less likely to get anxious. “Dancing in itself will help you relax and dancing with others in front of a crowd could help give you the strength to fight your anxiety. Speaking in front of a crowd is a high anxiety situation. Dancing can help you grow accustomed to performing in front of people and that can have a positive effect on the rest of your life,” says an expert from NYC Arthur Murray dance studio. You may become less anxious in front of people which will help you in your studies and career.

4. Goodbye isolation

One factor with depression is the feeling of isolation. You may find yourself curling up on your bed and not wanting to leave the house. Or, you are outside, but not socializing. Dancing offers you an excuse to meet other people and to get to know them in a safe environment. Dancing with others can help you break through the wall of self doubt you have built up inside. Try to find a dance instructor that teaches your age group and the style you prefer. If you are comfortable in your class, it may rub off onto the rest of your life and help you readjust your emotions and well being.

5. Zumba your way to a better mood

Not only does dancing make you happier, it will make you healthier. Zumba is a dance fitness class which provides the movement of dance and the strengthening qualities of exercise. Seniors can zumba their way to better mental health and better balance. Anyone can enjoy a zumba class. They are offered indoors and outdoors. Being out in the open while dancing is another freeing activity. You are getting yourself outside and enjoying the fresh air while helping your mental health.

Dancing is a phenomenal way to help fight depression, social anxiety, and anxiety in general. Moving around will help you feel better about yourself and that will reflect in how you interact with other people. You should always seek the advice of a medical practitioner if you are feeling depressed or anxious. While dancing will not take the place of medication, it will help improve your mood and get you out and moving.