De-Stress and Unwind As A New Mom

Motherhood is a blessing for every woman. One of the best moments in her life is to feel the joy of holding her first child in her hand. Nothing can replace this! But, this happiness brings a lot of responsibility too.

Being a new mom theoretically sounds perfect, but practically it is hard to live up to that tag. This is because you don’t know how to manage things like breast-feeding, burping, night crying, baby language, colic pain, and other stuff that comes as a by-product.

Sometimes all these tasks seem impossible. Such challenges usually make new moms quite frenzy, coupled with feeling drained, exhausted, burnt out, and sleep-deprived. Sometimes you might suddenly find yourself crying or feeling depressed. Don’t worry, this is normal.

I know all these because I saw my sister struggling with new odds, so you are not alone; I believe that all women feel so.

However, there are some de-stressing tips you can check out and implement to unwind as a new mom.

1. Try To Get Sleep Whenever Possible

Good, sound sleep is the best way to combat stress and fatigue. It is tough for a new mom to stay awake the whole night, especially when sleep interruptions are a part of post-labor discomfort. Blend with that you have new responsibilities hitting hard, making it difficult for you to cope up.

Remember, you need to recover from physical trauma. Therefore, you need to get enough sleep, which is also necessary for the child. It is highly advisable to take a nap whenever you get time. Whether you are tired or not, it’s good to snuggle up with your baby anytime she takes a shut-eye.

Even if you have 20 minutes, take a power nap that is going to calm you down. Over time, this will increase your productivity and make you less tired.

2. Take Time for Yoga and Meditation

Another powerful de-stressor for a new mom is meditation. Trust me, it can do wonders in terms of coping up with a big switch you just experienced. New moms are busy all the time and can’t make enough time for things they love to do. They are denied physical activities during pregnancy and also barred performing some yoga poses.

Now that you have a successful delivery take baby steps towards yoga.

The key is to find time just for yourself to make yoga and meditation a part of life. This is a great way to reconnect with your inner self without spending much time.

Look for online guided meditations and other great online programs. Get some time from a busy schedule to de-stress yourself with basic yoga poses. Most of the meditations range from 10 to 30 minutes a day. A tired and busy mom can quickly try these out at her convenience.

3. Ask for Help

The easiest way to relax and cool down is to give the baby to daddy. This will also strengthen bonds between them while you can catch up on your sleep, go out with friends for a walk, or grab some coffee as you rekindle social life.

If you are living with your family, you may ask for help running errands and daily chores. You may not do the grocery shopping immediately, but you can always send the list to your loved ones to get things for you.

So, my advice is not to hesitate to ask for help, even from your cousin or your neighbor. You can also get a nanny to hold the baby for you to get some relaxing moments.

4. Get Some Fresh Air

Well, it sounds easy but it isn’t so. Consider the way how all ‘stay at home’ things work with the ongoing pandemic. You will need to take some time out to visit a quiet part nearby for some fresh air. It will make a lot of good for a person who feels stuck.

Image Credit Unsplash

For many moms, sitting inside may become isolating and outright depressing. Start going out and breathing fresh, clean air to boost your serotonin levels (happy hormones).

Form a daily habit to do so and also take your child and partner along. These are small moments worthy of being cherished during the early stages of motherhood.

If you can’t move out, get on to your terrace or balcony. Grab a cup of soothing chamomile tea while and enjoy reading. Read it aloud for the child to listen as they will try to react and respond.

5. Get a Good Massage

It is a highly effective way to de-stress the mind and body for new mothers. Go for a full body massage if possible or settle for at least a head & neck massage. You can have a masseuse for the baby and yourself every week who can come home.

Another way is to learn some self-massage techniques. Your partner can also help you give good back, head, and feet massage as it can tremendously relax your body and mind. Even some acupuncture therapies or spa baths can be helpful in de-stressing post-pregnancy.


The key to unwinding and de-stressing from new mom responsibilities is to find a little chunk of time to enjoy some quiet pampering. Take support from your partner and find ways to reconnect with yourself and calm your mind.

A good sleep, meditation, relaxing massage, a bath, and some time in nature are all ways to be effective.

Remember, only a happy and healthy mother can raise a happy and healthy child.