Sometimes, we just need a daily reminder to be the hero of our life.

Life happens. And, forgiveness is so hard. But, like many things in life, we have to do it anyway.

Holding onto unforgiveness is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

So, here are 5 ways that you can practice forgiveness.

1. Have a total meltdown.

No, really. Like, lock yourself in your bedroom and call this person every horrible name you can think of. Completely get it out of your system. Let yourself feel the anger. Validate it.

Then, set it free and let it go.

2. Write a letter.

Literally, write a letter of forgiveness. You don’t even have to send it. But get it out of your system by writing in on paper.

Then burn that shit up and kiss it good-bye.

3. Choose joy.

Freedom comes when you decide that you’d rather be happy than right. Because forgiveness is about YOU not them.

4. Forgive yourself.

Sometimes part of forgiving others is being able to forgive ourselves too. Take time for yourself and allow yourself to be human and make mistakes.

5. Let go of any need to have everyone like you.

Or, to have a perfect relationship with everyone. Understand that not every relationship you have is going to be roses and smiley face emoji’s. That’s okay. You can move on.

Empower yourself.

Don’t wait around for an apology from someone who hurt you. You may never get one.

The KEY to remember once you’ve forgiven someone is that just because you’ve forgiven someone does NOT mean that you need to be BFF’s with that person. Or, have a relationship AT ALL.

If you have a toxic person who is going to hurt you again and again, you can forgive and say good-bye.

You are a warrior. You can do this.

Because without the villains, there’d be no hero.

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