If you’ve been busy cranking it out this year (hand raise over here), you’re not alone. The last five months have been extremely busy for me as both an entrepreneur and a single mom. It’s been one thing after another- juggling two teens, new clients, and conflicting demands. The hecticness of it all makes me want to press fast forward and just launch myself directly into the summer, LRN. But, not so fast. I am going to set myself up for success first, and you can too.

Here are 5 steps for making the most of your summer:

  1. Write it Down. Get control of your schedule by putting it on paper (or your calendar). This activity ups the odds of making it happen and gives you a roadmap to navigate everything that you have in mind. Think of it like a small contract with yourself- your plan to have fun. So, draft it, sign it, and send it off into the universe.
  2. Wander. Changing your environment does wonders for your mental health. A different location gives you a new perspective, and even increases your creativity and innovation so be sure to plan time away from the norm. Perhaps you can spend a few days at the beach, mountains, or exploring a new city. If you can’t afford a lavish vacation right now, that’s okay. Plan some budget-friendly getaways or day trips that will unleash you from that same old routine.
  3. Work It. If you are running a business or working a corporate gig this summer, formulate some realistic objectives in terms of the hours that you will dedicate to work or otherwise. Perhaps there’s a way to finagle a 4-day workweek or take a few weeks off. Set goals for both your personal time as well as your business activities. You can blend both.
  4. Wiggle. Your body will love you for it. Go for a walk on the beach, take a dance class, scuba dive, get into yoga or do whatever appeals to you. Awaken your inner child and remember that summer is a time to play and move. With that aim in mind, keep wiggling, whether it’s your toes in the sand or your shoes on the dance floor.
  5. Welcome Rest. As important as it is to stay active, it’s equally important to give yourself a chance to relax too. This relaxation applies to both your body and mind. Set aside some time to just do nothing- and don’t feel guilty about it either. Summer is your opportunity to reset. You’ve earned the time to veg out, to sit and think, or to not think at all.

If you incorporate these 5 actions into your summer plans, you’ll be setting yourself up for some serious summer bliss. You’ll also thank yourself for it (and your family/friends will thank you too).


  • Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD

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