5 Ways to Get Healthier

You may have heard of ways to get healthy or tools to use. Or, maybe you clicked because you know you are ready to get healthy now.

Is your doctor telling you it’s time to get serious about getting healthier? Are you ready to get serious about getting healthy? Do you want to know the best ways to get healthier?

Did you know that over 35% of people in the United States are overweight? This relates to health problems like heart disease among others.

I’m sure that comes as no surprise and you already knew that. I know I did before I lost over 55 lbs in 2014 and kept it off. Yet, those statistics were not enough for me to change. You may feel the same. I get how you feel in every way. Why do you want to change your health? How will your life improve by changes in your lifestyle? Who will you impact by your transformation? Do you have a community to help you get healthier? How will you get healthier by using transformation tools? Here, I will share 5 Ways to Get Healthier.

5 Ways to Get Healthier
5 Ways to Get Healthier

5 Ways to Get Healthier

and Stay That Way

In the 5 ways to get healthier, this is about your internal why, habits and tools. A compelling vision pulls you after want to quit. The habits, tools and system you set up sets you up for success.

When we don’t take care of our bodies, we don’t have the energy to operate at potential. You can make changing beliefs and behaviors easier. It is important to get clear why you want to get healthier.

What is the vision tied to?

How can you make it bigger to help you change?

What could your health be like 90 days from now?

What habits will you change in your health?

The 5 Ways to Get Healthier are what I practice daily, as well as with the community. Our vision, habits and tools set us up for success.

As a result, I follow these 5 Ways to Get Healthier and Stay That Way for over 5 years. Getting healthier starts with a desire and daily decisions. The longer we practice habits, the easier they become.

1. Having a Vision

Do you have a vision for your health? Why are you getting healthier? Is there a goal tied to your vision? Are you helping others?

The more compelling your reason to get healthier, the easier it will be to overcome old habits. I chose to do athletic events with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to give back to end cancer for years. Any time I felt pain, I reminded myself my pain was nothing compared to what people with cancer feel.

When my best friend Janelle got cancer in 2013, I did a triathlon in her honor. This hit home and was very personal in every way. After she passed away in December 2013, the impact hit in many ways. One way was a deep desire to be who God created me to be and to serve in my passion and purpose. I decided to compete in bikini shows and started helping others get healthy.

You can see how the vision changed and continues. How have you experienced health impacts in your life?

What goal could you set to push in the next year or less?

2. Changing Your Habits

Changing habits is where it starts to get healthier and stay that way. What habits do you have when it comes to your health? When is the last time you changed a habit? Have you gotten any results recently in your energy or health?

The simpler you make it the better to start. I started changing habits step by step from 2007-2010. At my heaviest in 1999 I was 185. By 2010, I would yo yo between 135 – 150. This started with making better choices in everything including eating out.

In 2013, I started using Herbalife Nutrition shakes and snacks. In the first month drinking two shakes a day and snack, I lost 15 lbs. Disclaimer: avg weigh loss is .5 to 1 a week with healthy active lifestyle.

Think about ways you could transform your habits.

How could you increase eating every few hours?

What protein could you include in every meal?

Are you decreasing sweets & alcohol?

You may love our free meal plan builder, ultimate health guide, or 14 day challenge to help you jump start. We include a different transformation pack in our monthly mastermind every month.

3. Using Transformation Tools

Transformation tools may help make it easier in every way. I’ve now used Herbalife Nutrition since 2013. The shakes, snacks, and supplements make it so convenient and delicious to be healthy.

I eat 6-7 times a day so using Herbalife (with >24 g of protein in every shake) helps so much. I have a shake for breakfast daily and one other time for the most part.

I love Caramel Apple and Banana Caramel. They taste delicious sometimes I can’t believe they are so healthy. I eat a Herbalife 24 brownie bar or Beverage Mix drink (like adult koolaid) as snacks.

The other 3-4 meals I protein, complex carb and a healthy fat and/or veggies. Some examples include fish, eggs, or chicken for proteins. My favorite complex carbs include sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and brown rice. For healthy fats, I love almond butter & avocados.

Another tool I started using recently for two meals weekly is HelloFresh. I love that all the ingredients come delivered right to my door and ready to cook.

Transformation Tools
Transformation Tools

4. Including Meal Bags

Meal Bags are a lifesaver. I started using meal bags in 2014 when I started competing. I use 6 Pack Meal Bags daily. I use a backpack, purse and carry-on.

They come with separate compartments, containers and gel packs. Meal Bags are easy to carry with you whether you are running errands around town, or traveling out of town.

Travel tip: Make sure you freeze the gel packs before you travel to pass TSA screening.

Meal Bags
Meal Bags

5. Training with ClassPass

I love lifting at La Fitness. Lifting weights is my base for fitness. For you, this may be running or another sport. I love to have variety in my fitness too.

That’s why I love to use ClassPass, a platform and app for fitness studios locally, nationally and globally. I take fitness classes via F45, Perspire Sauna and more via ClassPass.

5 Ways to Get Healthier

These 5 ways to get healthier and stay that way will do wonders for you. Even if you start with 1-3 of them, you will see transformation results.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to improve your health?

Which of these ways will you start with first?

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Originally published at www.fitlifecreation.com