Studies show that childhood obesity is an epidemic in the United States which may result in health issues such as diabetes.  Some causes of childhood obesity may be linked to dietary issues associated with too much junk food and not enough fruits and vegetables.  However, Obesity is also linked to the sedentary lifestyle that children have sitting around the house “surfing the web” on social media platforms and too much time spent watching television or streaming videos on their smart devices.  

Here are five ways to get your children outdoors for some physical fitness that can have health benefits and overall fun.

Yoga Yes, yoga is a great exercise for kids as well as adults.  Yoga is not just beneficial for physical fitness, it also offers mental well-being that may alleviate stress and anxiety.  How about a yoga family date in the backyard! 

A Day at the Park Going to the park is a fun and inexpensive way for families to spend time together and have fun exercising.  Riding bikes in the park is a fantastic way to exercise.  Running around catching a Frisbee or playing hula hoop is not only fun for the kids, but parents may also find joy in revisiting these childhood pastimes.

A Walk on the Beach Time spent at the beach can also be a great way to exercise.  Consider walking along the shore – a way to make this a fun game for kids is to see who can find the most seashells!  Also, running back and forth in the ocean to catch the waves is a form of exercise that kids can enjoy, especially if they carry a bucket to catch water for making sand castles.

Skating Ice skating or roller skating is a fun way to get the family outdoors.  Many cities have roller skating and ice skating rinks that are lots of fun because they typically play music while you skate.  Parents don’t be afraid to join your kids on the rink, you may have as much fun as they do!

Tennis Playing tennis is a wonderful outdoor sport that can be enjoyed by kids of any age and you don’t have to be as good as Serena or Venus to benefit from the workout.  There are recreational centers that offer tennis camps throughout the year.  You can visit websites like the United States Tennis Association website at for more information.

Whatever the outdoor activity that your child may choose, the most important thing is that they are finding a good balance between  embracing technological advances and physical fitness for overall good health and well-being.