To be successful today, much is needed. First of all, you obviously need a product. A product or service that the customer wants or needs and for which he is willing to pay the price that you ask for. But that is just the beginning. In this blog, I give you 5 ways to successfully grow your business. If you keep paying attention to these 5 points, solve the problems or take action, you will see this reflected in the results of your company.

1. Make sure you’re on top of it

A company that is in the growth phase can seem bulging, energetic and sometimes somewhat unstructured. In order to grow your business, you as an entrepreneur have to be on top, especially in this phase. That means that you are on the case as much as possible and keep a finger on the pulse. Small things will stand out in this and adjustments can be made quickly and directly. In this phase, you as an entrepreneur should not be afraid to do small tasks yourself. Every detail is important so that your company gets that look that you want. When ‘it works’ you make it a system and then you can delegate.

2. Show your passion!

Selling is infecting people with your enthusiasm. Business owners must also dare to share that enthusiasm about their business, their products and/or services. Both for their external and internal customer! Besides passionate, there is also a good dose of positivity. When doing business, all sorts of bears and problems will come your way. And as the saying goes, “If life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade.” Try to see the positive of everything and give it your attention.

3. Focus on the customer

Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs are primarily interested in profit. But for a company, profit is not the good cause. Primarily, it is about winning and retaining customers. Because when they keep coming back, sales will become simpler and they will also want to bring in other customers. Focus on the customer is perhaps the most important tip to grow your business.


Power Electronics is the part of Electronics that is responsible for developing devices, circuits, systems and procedures for processing, control and conversion of electric power.

The need of using it in multiple sectors and industries is growing, so this way we can say that there is great growth in the consumer market of power electronics, seeking in most cases, the optimization of resources energetic.

PCB Assembly

As a first step after the order is obtained, work preparation and purchase of components takes place.

Each project receives its own work instructions, which means that the required (process) information is unambiguously recorded.

The desirability of, for example, additional entry checks are also being recognized and prepared in cooperation with the Procurement department at this stage. Changes of PCB (PCB) and BOM (parts list) will only take place after consultation and approval by the client.

In the Electronics Production SMD and Conventional departments, the (electronic) components are placed on the PCB and soldered.

SMD (Surface Mounted Devices)

RayMing PCB and Assembly have 2 in-line SMD lines. The solder paste is applied to the empty circuit board by means of the DEK Horizon screen printer. Also, in-line paste inspection by our Viscom SPI is possible. We have the modern Samsung SMD placement machines SM411 and SM421 with which components are automatically placed on the PCB. Soldering takes place with the Soltec My Reflow oven equipped with 8 heating and 2 cooling zones. The inspection takes place with the Viscom type 3088 AV AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) and visually. In addition, we are able to use the Dage X-ray Inspection System type XD7500VRcheck specific solder connections. Lot tracking and intelligent feeders for the SMD have recently been implemented so that the certainty of correct component placement has been further increased.

RayMing PCB regularly uses flexible PCBs in electronics. With a flexible PCB, it is possible to integrate electronics into products that have strange shapes or are deformable.

Such a flexible PCB can, for example, be used by developers as a connection print which is subject to mechanical stress. For example, as in laptops between the screen and motherboard. It is also possible to place the microcontroller itself on the flexible print. In that case, a developer, such as Embed, can place all electronics on only one flexible PCB. This reduces production costs.

4. Become more competitive

How your work is directly related to how many satisfied customers you have. To make your customer satisfaction grow you have to listen to them and stay involved in their buying process. You will be amazed at how much information you get from your customers by asking questions and listening to them sincerely. That way you can focus and improve your USP, your unique selling point. With that, you will distinguish yourself from your competitors. That can be your location, your product, but much more often you are! When the customer thinks of your business, he often thinks of the people he has done business with, and in particular of the owner of that business. Make sure your USP is distinctive! If you do not have one, make sure it comes!

5. Pay attention to your finances

In order to refine your business strategy, entrepreneurs must keep their focus on sales, profit, and cash flow. Know how turnover is generated in your company. Pay attention to your net profit, not your gross sales. Your net profit shows you more realistically how your business stands and gives you the insight to make the right decisions to grow your business.


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