Five Proven Tactics to Help You Find More Clients for Your Freelance Business

As I’ve said before inspiration comes from all areas of your life.

I was inspired to write this article because I saw similar questions asked in a number of Facebook groups.

These questions were all based on the topic of getting your first client or growing an existing client base.

If you are on a mission to start or grow your freelance business, there are several proven tactics you can use to find new customers/clients. You may feel you are on an uphill swing but you still want to expand your business. Smart freelancers realize the potential of a growing client database.

Here are a few tactics that you can use to find additional clients for your freelance business.

1. Referrals: 

They are one of the best ways to gain additional clients. Word-of-mouth has always been and most likely always will be one of the best forms of advertisement known to man. Referrals are most often obtained by current clients who will send others to you that may be interested in the type of services you provide.

Referrals can also come from family, friends or others who are informed about your business.

Referrals are sometimes the strongest prospects you will have to work with. Why? Because in a way they are already pre-sold. The person who has referred you has gained benefit from working with you and intern has told your prospect about their experience. Turn those prospects into paying clients!

2. Target Audience: 

Determine your target audience and provide information to them about your business. You can do this by having an affiliate program, newsletters, or other online promotional programs that will give your audience the information they need. Bring those audience members to you and provide them with useful information that is totally free. You can also do reports, articles and other publications that will not only provide viewers with useful information, but also help bring visitors to your website in an effort to gain knowledge from experts such as yourself.

3. Social Media Networking: 

This is another terrific way to bring some wonderful clients your way. Use resources such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. There are many useful sites that you can tap into and build a reputation amongst a community of people who are interested in what you do and what you have to say.

4. Blog: Do you have a blog? 

If not, then you need to get busy and put one together! Blogging is a great way to put your experience out there for others to see. You can also post your blog links on the social networking sites to help lead traffic to your site. This is a great way to bring those prospects to you and will also help build credibility.

5. Reputation: 

Build a reputation amongst your current clients and gather testimonials that you can share with others. Once that reputation is built, it’s important to continue to maintain it by being the best you can be. Give your clients the best possible service. They hired you once – take time to impress them with your skills and knowledge so they will not hesitate to hire you again.

As you can see, there are potential clients just waiting for you to put yourself out there. Once these prospects see your level of expertise, your professionalism and can see for themselves what a great job you have done for others, they will definitely want you to provide services for their business. Some of these new-found clients could become long-term clients who will depend on you to provide services for them on a routine basis.

They will also turn into your brand ambassador’s helping bring in more clients to your business.

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