Have you been thinking how you could improve your brain function? I assure you that you have landed on the right page. Cognitive impairment is one of the most feared consequences of aging.

As brain changes, the mental function also changes. However, some scientific study has shown that there are ways to improve your brain health as you age without using brain boosters and supplements. Do you know you can keep at bay neurological diseases by merely changing your lifestyle?

Yes, I mean precisely that.

Improving your memory can be achieved, and you can enjoy an alert and active brain as you age. All you need to do is read on and get to know how mental stimulation, physical exercise along with protecting your mind by choosing the right diet can naturally boost your brain health.

§ Choosing a Diet

Taking at least five servings of fruit and vegetables rich in vitamin C can give more anti-oxidants in the body that stop oxidative stress- a process where free radicals destroy cells including brain cells.

Another thing needed in the body as one of the ways to improve your brain health is a steady flow of energy that comes from glucose. Whole grain carbohydrates, legumes, and beans give a steady supply of power to the brain.

Energy deficiency causes lack of concentration and foggy thinking. Also leads to low brain function and confusion. Caffeine found in tea and coffee help in blood flow. Taking two to three cups of tea a day is therefore advised.

Research has shown that food rich in iron improves cell communication in the brain since its going through rapid growth especially in children. Consider taking spinach, eggs, white and red meat, seafood and lentils to cover enough iron intake.

§ Protect your Brain as one of the Ways to Improve your Brain Health

If you want to protect your brain health, avoid dehydration. It leads to shrinking of blood cells hence low cognitive and brain function that caters for visual processing and planning.

Once you get up in the morning, take a glass of water. Ensure you consume six to eight-ounce glasses of water during the day to keep the body hydrated.

Avoid tobacco at all costs. Smoking improves risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. To avoid vascular dementia, take low dose aspirin.

Head injuries can also contribute to brain damage. If possible, always wear a protective cap whenever your head is under risk of an injury.

§ Physical Exercise

Try to stay lean and improve your memory. Physical exercises like aerobics improve the reasoning capacity and also increase brain mass. It has proved to be the best brain builder, along with learning complicated physical activities like dancing and spot.

Participating in aerobics for half an hour a day for a week is more beneficial than repeating the simple walk a day.

§ Brain Stimulation

The best stimulation requires any exercise that challenges the brain. Where mental coordination is needed like in playing a musical instrument, solving a math problem or crossword, new pathways and connections are open.

Adding activities like painting in your schedule or playing of musical instruments and creating something improves your mental focus. Other ways to improve your brain health is by reading and learning a new language.

§ Social Connectedness

Although we share the fundamental need to interact with each other, the degree to which we seek out the company of others varies. The connection between family and friends maintain thinking skills.

You can engage in activities that you like to meet with people that are like minded and those that are pleasing and meaningful to you. They will contribute to your wellbeing.

Also, teaching skills that you can share and connect with cultivating connections with those of different ages are sure ways of improving your brain health.


Brain health is a vital thing in your health. Whatever goes on in your mind controls everything you do. Aging gracefully starts from the memory. Having a lifestyle that controls your well-being is essential to your health. None of the discussed points above is hard to adopt.

It is easy to change your lifestyle as one of the ways to improve your brain health than boosting your brain through supplements that may not work at the end of the day. The tested and approved simple steps have been backed up by scientific research and recommended medically.


  • Olive Johnson

    21 October 2018

    Olive Johnson is a freelance content writer who gives quality content that is informative and engaging. Her love for writing has been backed up by a career in finance and freelance article writing. When she is not writing for clients, you will find her reading or on a christian mission.