A surefire way to improve your performance, regardless of the situation, is to embrace harmony of life by taking care of yourself, raising your consciousness, advancing your experience, appreciating yourself and elevating others.

As many people are driven by the tendency to focus on fear and the negative impact of the crisis situation, I have some great Life Harmony insights for those who want to leverage it to build deeper connections with themselves.

1. Connect with your Higher Personality by seeking Self Care.

Self care aka self love pours life back into you. When we hear self care, many of us may think zen gardens, spas, salons and yoga studios. It’s simpler than it seems and should be practiced from the inside out, not the other way around. It’s about improving your life through your thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions and activities. For daily self-care, it’s crucial to be intentional about the 6 categories of life in your Life Harmony System Wheel (see below). The Life Harmony is a productivity framework I developed to help myself and clients improve our performance and well-being sustainably. Also incorporate the following habits:

  • Eating well
  • Sleeping well
  • Resting enough
  • Moving enough
  • Meditating
  • Forgiving
  • Praying
  • Planning

2. Connect with your Higher Purpose by seeking Self Discovery.

Problems and discomfort are a great way to challenge us, expose our weaknesses, project our strengths, expand our consciousness and strengthen our relationship with ourselves. Some of the the world’s greatest inventors, creatives and performers, created their best works during the worst times of their lives. The time of crisis is a great time to re-analyze your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and enhance your adversity quotient in order to keep growing into an improved version of yourself. Self discovery leads to an improved consciousness. In a world where many people operate unconsciously, you’re at an advantage when you live more consciously and make daily choices with intention. Connecting to my higher purpose has helped me become more mindful and creative in this season. It has helped me cut out the noise, distractions and information overload.

3. Connect to your Higher Potential by seeking Self Growth.

If you’re dealing with indecision, restlessness, boredom and procrastination, you need to further explore advanced capabilities within you. Utilize your free time in self-investment or tackling new goals. A proven way to advance towards your highest potential is to experience regular transformation in the way you think and live. For this to happen, ask questions and challenge old conventions. This will help you become more proactive than reactive and more creative than self-destructive towards the challenges of life. Another magical way to reach a higher potential is to practice daily gratitude. Gratitude exponentially expands your consciousness, improves your emotional quotient and helps you optimize your time, attention and energy resources.

4. Connect to your Higher Praise by seeking Self Appraisal.

Stop waiting for validation from others. Understand this truth – You’ve already been validated by God, the supreme creator. Start putting more respect on your value. As you gain clarity of self, endeavour to develop your personalized advance affirmation statements or what I call Life Statements. Beyond affirmations, you can also leverage creative visualization tools. Once you embrace your worth, consistently evaluate your progress and milestones across your Life Harmony 6 Categories (see wheel above). In order to see the growth strides you’re making daily, focus more on your being than on your doing and having. Unlike society, don’t measure your worth by your pedigree, but by your potentials. Note that appraisal involves evaluating and challenging yourself but also remember that while it’s good to keep challenging yourself, be realistic and keep healthy expectations to avoid feeling demotivated or discouraged.

5. Commit to Heightening People by seeking Societal Growth

This may be the last but it’s definitely not the least point. The development of our society is linked to the performance and well-being of every one of us. It’s been proven that when we genuinely reach out in helping others, we’re empowered to achieve number 2, 3 and 4 on this list. If you’re not sure how, consider sharing your resources such as time, attention, skills, information, money, etc. in ways that can elevate others especially as we’re all going through this crisis together. I believe that when we embrace harmony of life, we experience the extraordinary benefits of focus, freedom and fulfillment which will change the way we see and do life in general. If ourselves, our businesses, our communities and our humanity as a whole must advance, we must embrace living in harmony.

I hope this article proves to you that in the midst of a crisis situation, you can embrace harmony of life while contributing to harmony of life for all of humanity.

If you need further tips and resources for improving your performance and well-being sustainably, feel free to ask your questions and connect with me across social media.

To Life Harmony.

The Life Harmonist,