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Confidence and charisma are two powerful qualities that can transform everything for you in 2019, especially if you are determined to have amazing Media opportunities and if you are serious about shining on a variety of cameras and stages like never before the .

Why? Because these two qualities are seen in some of the most powerful celebrities and leaders in the world which includes Barack Obama, Oprah, Brian Tracy and Brendon Burchard.

Olivia Fox Cabane breaks down what charisma truly is in her book “The Charisma Myth”. She explains that it’s a combination of “presence, power and warmth”. She says that we can become more charismatic by being more present.

“When you exhibit presence, those around you feel listened to, respected, and valued”. – Olivia Fox Cabane

Imagine what will happen if you suddenly became a more confident on camera and more charismatic when delivering presentations on stage.

Imagine if you decide to take your communication skills to the next level and if you are willing to improve your etiquette, elegance and grace.

Imagine stepping up this year and becoming a more fabulous version of you, think of how this would impact your business, sales, profits, relationships, speaking opportunities, impact, influence and media moments in 2019.

Here are 5 Ways to Increase your confidence and charisma for the camera and stage in 2019

1) Dress to Impress:
Joyce Meyer (International Preacher and New York Times Best Selling Author) shared how important it is to look your best in her book ‘Look Good, Feel Good’. Dressing for success is truly one of the best ways to increase your confidence and charisma in 2019, because when you look good you stand out in a room full of sammies, you shine in a bigger way and you demonstrate how attractive you truly are. Wear your best outfits, sparkly things, your favourite colours, gorgeous dresses, nice suits on camera and on stage and you look so much more professional in front of live audiences. And even if you desire to dress casual this doesn’t mean that you can’t still look good, you can still put on a bit of lip gloss, wash and blow dry your hair, or paint your nails before jumping on video. Little things like this make all of the difference.

2) Practice Posing and Presenting in Front of the Mirror:
Christina Aguilera once said that she would imagine winning awards in the mirror when she was a child and one day it happened in real life. What we practice in the mirror does eventually come true in most cases. This is why I urge you to go over your presentation skills and notes in front of your mirror regularly or at least once before you go and speak at a live event on stage. Because practice increases confidence and charisma. Do mock media interviews with friends as this will help you get rid of nervousness and shyness. If you are attending a red carpet event, an award show or a business conference and you know that photography will be present, so be sure to practice posing in the mirror and front of a family member or a friend in your outfit (before you attend the event); so that you won’t feel awkward or anxious when various photographers are swarming around you and taking photos of you (and others) at the event. Be camera ready! Stop hiding away and shying away. But rather rehearse and prepare to be ready for your next special moment.

3) Invest in Professional Lighting:
One of the best ways to really shine on camera is to invest in lighting. Professional lighting can work wonders for your brand. It can make you look brighter on camera, more attractive and more professional. The quality of your videos, live streams and photos will be better and this will make you stand out in a bigger and better way in the market place. So many YouTube stars and successful entrepreneurs have seen the benefits of investing in lighting. Take a look at YouTube stars like Zoella, Patricia Bright or Influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk and Marie Forleo for inspiration. And don’t feel you have to do this by yourself if you don’t want to. You can choose the DIY option or you can invest in a filming crew that will take care of the lighting for you.

4) Study Influencers, Celebrities and Inspirational Figures that you admire:
Having inspiring role models can really give you a boost of confidence and increase your X-factor. Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrities that really makes me feel like I can do anything. Whenever I watch her on camera or on stage, I always feel so empowered, her words are always so inspiring too. Think of 2-3 Influencers, Celebrities or Inspirational figures that you admire and model them in your own way. Write down a list of qualities that you want to see in them and try to infuse more of these qualities into your own life. If you love the fact that your fave celeb always smiles, and holds her shoulders back when she walks then do that more often too.

5) Make Appearances at Events:
Going to glamorous events, fabulous events and high profile events can really take your brand to new heights. Not only do you have a chance to get out of your comfort zone, but it’s also a great chance to meet new people, take photos and film video footage/clips and live streams for your Social Media accounts. It’s also a way to show your audience that you are up to big things in the world. Local, national and international events that you can attend include gala nights, award shows, conferences, business expos, seminars, exhibitions, red carpet events, talent shows, charity events and workshops. One of the events that I attend every year is the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society International Conference, I’ve been there 8 times (8 years) since 2010 and it has been a game changer for increasing my confidence and my charisma as I present papers at this event in front of academics from all over the world. Nothing will change if you don’t put yourself in environments that will bring out the best version of you.

And there you have it,

Do you have anything else that you would like to add to this list? What do you usually like to do to increase your confidence and your charisma?

Leave a comment below and get involved in the conversation.


  • Queen Chioma Nworgu MA, BA (hons) is an International Motivational Speaker, TV Presenter and a PR and Media Coach/Publicist based in London, UK. She has been on TV over 150 times over a period of 10 years which includes ITV, ITV 2, BBC 1, MTV, RSTV (Nigeria), Ben TV, Living TV, Dutch TV and Faith TV. She has also featured in magazines and newspapers like OK magazine, I am Queen Magazine, Her Story Matters Magazine and The Islington Gazette. She regularly speaks at Schools, Colleges, Universities, Conferences and Media Events impacting thousands of youths and adults with her motivational messages, success strategies, confidence & charisma boosting tips, media coaching and her academic trainings in the UK and abroad. Queen Chioma is the Author of the Book ‘Festive Success, Nine Golden Rules for Achiveing your Dreams, Goals and Aspirations’. Her academic journals/papers/published work can be seen in the several editions of the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society Conference Books. As a PR and Media Coach/Publicist she helps women entrepreneurs to secure media interviews, media coverage and attract good PR to boost their businesses, increase sales and their impact. Queen Chioma has won several Beauty pageant crowns, titles and awards and believe that you can achieve all of your dreams if you have the courage to follow them! She’s travelled to 50 cities and states so far impacting lives. She’s has just launched a new Podcast show called 'The Festive Success Show' and wishes to help millions with her mission which is to 'Teach, Speak and Heal'.